About me

I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla. Mostly fairly casually. I have done some raiding in WOTLK and MoP. My interest for gold making started when a friend taught me how to shuffle Mageweave Cloth into Vision Dust. I made 300 000 gold during Mists of Pandaria. When I came back to the game for Legion I decided to make as much gold as possible. Since then I have been documenting my methods on this blog and been focusing on making money while also raiding fairly casually.

I like making gold with minimal commitment of effort. I don’t like farming so I never do it. I will be documenting my methods for playing the Auction House and crafting profitably. This is where you get by far the most gold per effort spent.

Since I restarted my subscription before Legion I have been making daily average profits of about 15 000 gold. In the last couple of months when Legion has been out and i cranked up my production its gone up to 33 000.  That’s 210 000 Gold per week. What’s important to also not is that this profit is AFTER buying tokens for both of my accounts. I am making more than 200 000 gold per week on average, and i have not farmed anything that i can buy from the auction house while spending about 2-3 hours a week actively crafting.

Outside WoW I have a full time job and I live with my girlfriend (who is not a gamer, but reads my blog anyway). I usually play 1-2 hours a day except raid nights. This still allows me to get very rich, and you can be too!