About me

I am a 29 year old gamer hailing from Norway. I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla on an on-again off-again basis, mostly fairly casually.


Vanilla and Burning Crusade: Humble beginnings

For most of my WoW career I was very poor. I could never afford an epic mount in vanilla or epic flying in Burning Crusade and I was madly envious of the people who could. Near the end of Burning Crusade I finally took my first step into gold making. A friend taught me how to shuffle Mageweave Cloth into Vision Dust, which he had used to make thousands of gold (a fortune at the time).

Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm: First taste of gold making

I started taking gold-making more seriously and spent most of the Lick King expansion dabbling small scale in stuff like glyphs and gems. I could never afford the Chopper mount and was once again unfulfilled. By the time Cataclysm rolled around I did not play the game much, but I started getting really interested in gold-making. I got up to 32 000 from shuffling ore, glyphs and various other items. this was my first true success in gold making. By the time I re-subbed for Mists of Pandaria I knew I wanted to go all out.

Mists of Pandaria: Going big

During Mists I was an avid reader of gold making blogs (Power Word: Gold was my favourite by far). I learned a ton of stuff. I re-subbed after Throne of Thunder had released and by the time I quit a couple of months after Siege of Orgrimmar released I had turned my 32 000 into 300 000 gold. I had also bought a ton of cool mounts I had been drooling after for a while.

I ran the entire market for flipping cataclysm and Pandaria Bind on Equip greens, and I was a major player in gems, glyphs, Binde on Equip PvP gear and several other markets. For the BoE greens I could literally change the market price by changing my default price settings in TSM. It was an amazing feeling and I felt on top of the world.

I did not really play Warlords at all as I found it unbearably boring and I quit after less than a month.

Legion: Gold millionaire

When I came back to the game for Legion I knew I wanted to make as much gold as possible. Since then I have made several million gold all the while documenting it on this blog. I dabble in as many markets as I have time for and I truly belive diversification is the key to riches.

Why the “lazy” goldmaker?

The name of my blog is obviously a slight self-contradiction. Making millions of gold and writing a blog about it is not a particularily lazy endeavor. I still consider myself a very lazy person. In my worldview literally everyone is lazy. Humans are natural effort-minimizers. So my approach is to utilize mine and others natural tendencies to minimize effort to maximize my profits.

I focus on gold-making methods where the limiting factor is not my time spent doing it. Crafting is generally limited by materials and how fast your items sell, not your time spent (at least not linearly). The same goes for flipping (buy low, sell high).

I am an extreme effort minimizer so I focus all my efforts on stuff I like to do. This ensures that it never feels like I have to put in an effort and I can just coast through while getting richer and richer.

The blog

My goal with this blog is to help as many of you as possible to reach your in-game monetary goals. Gold-making is the most fun part of the game for me and helping other people discover the intricacies of the Auction House is amazing. Besides I like having competition as it’s the only way I can keep challenging myself.

Hopefully you can join in on the conversation to help me improve my posts to provide you with the absolute best skills and tools to make it. Gold making is a simple skill, but sticking with it and experimenting is not always easy. I have enough gold now to buy all the mounts I salivated over back in the day and I know that even if my gold evaporated over night I could make it all back.

Outside of WoW

Outside WoW I have a full time job in project management and I live with my fiance (who is not a gamer, but reads my blog anyway). I keep myself busy doing things I enjoy so that it does not feel like an effort. Laziness is a skill, if you reframe it as efficiency.