WoW setup


I am running two wow accounts so I always have access to the Auction House on my Second Monitor. This saves a ton of time and let’s me keep on top of my competition. The account is currently on a separate account. This was necessary to get around the old token limit of 36 per 24 months. This limit is no longer in effect so I might be swapping back to the same account again.


On my main server I have the following characters on my main account:

110 Shaman (Main) Jewelcrafting/Enchanting

108 Druid Leatherworking/Tailoring

100 DK Blacksmithing/Inscription

100 Warlock Alchemy/Engineering (Vials, Sky Golems etc.)

100 Rogue Tailoring/Mining

100 Monk Alchemy (Pyrium bars)

92 Mage Enchanting/JC

90 Priest No professions

90 Hunter No professions.


My second account has two lvl 90s with alchemy for Transmutes and my Bank Alt.