Want to get Rich in Cataclysm Classic? Let’s look at how!

The cataclysm classic beta is out, so let’s look ahead to the next chapter in classic progression realms. Today we will go over some of the ways we can make gold in Cata!

Overall very similar to wrath

The overall structure of professions in cataclysm is very similar to wrath. There are a lot of the same recipe types with similar mechanics for obtaining them. Obviously we will see different trends for professions based on bonuses, as the bonuses change slightly, so the general meta will likely change.

Darkmoon decks are back

Darkmoon decks crafted with Darkmoon cards make a return in Cata. I don’t know yet if any of the trinkets are as strong as the Greatness was in Wrath, but they represent a guaranteed fairly strong trinket before even setting foot in the raids, so I expect demand to be quite high.


Prospecting and enchanting shuffles are both back. Presumably we will not see a return of the original elementium prospecting shuffle where you could vendor the uncommon gems for more than the ore was selling for on most realms. Prospecting was only OK for me in wrath, and as usual will rely VERY heavily on getting in early. Like in Wrath you unlock recipes through a profession daily, with one token available per day and most recipes costing 3 tokens. Getting started early to unlock recipes will be key.

Entry level PvP gear

This was my favorite market early in Wrath and it made me a lot of gold. The plans are sold by profession vendors for materials, and getting all of them early will be quite expensive most likely. Sale rate was extremely high for the wrath variants and I was absolutely raking it in.

The Vial of the sands

One of the most iconic crafted mounts of all time is coming in Cata, the Vial of the Sands. The recipe is VERY time consuming to farm, as you get it from doing archeology turn-ins of tol’vir artifacts. You will need to keep doing digs in Kalimdor to get as many Tol’vir sites as possible. People have farmed this recipe with a faster method that became available with MoP for 50+ hours and not gotten it, so beware, but the recipe is a classic and was at one point in Legion one of the most profitable recipes I’ve ever owned.

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