Common Issues

This is a list of the most common issues and questions that you can encounter using my spreadsheet.

Downloading the Google sheets version to excel

The Google sheets version of the spreadsheet only works when used through google sheets. If you want to run the spreadsheet in excel make sure you download the Excel Version.

The TSM import does not work:

This is usually only a problem in the google sheets version and it has several causes:

  1. Misspelled API Key
  2. Misspelled Realm Name
  3. You’ve ran out of TSM requests

for #1 just double check that you have pasted correctly.

For #2 you solve it by checking the realm name. Realm names with two words are written using a dash between the words like this:  shattered-hand In addition you should ignore any special characters e.g. Mal’Ganis = malganis.

#3 is by far the most common one. The google Sheets import function automatically calls the TSM API atleast 3 times every hour regardless of if your sheet is open or not. This will also happen in any older versions of my spreadsheet you have copied, even if they are in the thrash folder. Make sure you go through all of your old versions and delete they API key from them and remove the API key from the B1 cell whenever you’re not using the spreadsheet and you should be good.

Why is the price different to the current AH price?

I use a weighted average of minbuyout and dbmarket. This gives my profitability calculations better accuracy over longer horizons, but worse right now. It weights the current minimum price at 1/3 and the current DBmarket at 2/3.

In addition to this the TSM API may not be completely up to date. Things might have been posted or bought from the AH since the last time the scan was run.