My philosophy

I have a very clear and specific philosophy as the foundation of my goldmaking:

People are lazy

And by this i mean that they will be choosing the path of least resistance.

Anything in World of Warcraft can be obtained through playing the game in some way (outside of some very few unobtainables). People will be willing to buy it from you if the price reflects the effort required to obtain it. Importantly most players will be willing to pay a premium if you can decrease their required effort. Some typical techniques that take advantage of this includes overcutting with larger stacks (takes less clicks to buy out), selling full profession leveling kits and selling stacks in the size they are used for recipes.

So I focus my efforts on providing convenience for other players by: mass-crafting, posting and flipping. These require TSM to work optimally. This is time consuming and requires a certain amount of research, which i enjoy! As well as investing larger amounts of capital to take advantage of the law of large numbers to ignore RNG and to keep my prices low.

After the initial setup in TSM the actual crafting and posting is fairly effortless and I make money enough to pay for two accounts and still generate substantial profits over time, while playing at a fairly casual pace.