30 days to a token: Week 4 Update

Day 28 today, so only 2 more days to go, I am close, but not quite there, so we may have to do some heavy farming / some trade chat stuff on Monday. That being said I have about 270k total in AH value and liquid gold, so it is just a matter of selling off some stuff.

The Rules

  • 1 character, which is a completely fresh level 120
  • No brutosaur
  • 1 realm obviously
  • I start with 10 711 gold (This is what I got leveling from 110-120 while vendoring every single drop.)
  • I start with level 1 professions
  • I start with the materials I got from leveling 110-120


  • Total played time: 1 day 15 Hours 15 Minutes
  • Liquid Gold: 113 341 Gold
  • Ah Value: 149 826 Gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 377 755 gold
  • Gold from auctions: 334 561 gold

What did I do?

This week focused on two things: The enchanting shuffle and 2×4 farming. I was not close enough to the end to avoid farming, so i have done a decent amount of 2×4 farming in Boralus and Voldun. For the most part I have vendored of the uncommons, sold the deep sea satin and turned the tidespray into gloom dust.

Enchanting is no longer profitable at all on my realm so I have not really made much gold from crafting. I have sold a couple of sinister pieces though.

As you can see my gold has steadily increased this week with some very nice and large mailboxes. Overall I have made 31k on average in sales per day and spent about 21k. At this point I just need to sell off stuff without spending gold and I will make it.

The imminent release of 8.2 has meant that crafting more sinister gear is just way too risky so I have only done material flipping, enchanting shuffling and 2×4 farming this week.


My top sale this week was the one BoE I got from the Boralus 2×4 spot. I’ve also sold a couple of sinister pieces and enchants, but overall not too many. I’ve also sold a decent number of flasks.

If we flip to looking at number of auctions however we will quickly see that I’ve sold an absolutely huge number of Gloom Dust at a very high price. Enchanting materials have been super profitable and I have the tool of the trade that gives me some very nice yields on the enchanting shuffle, which has been amazing this week.

We can see that I’ve branched out a bit in terms of flipping this week with some flasks and augment runes showing up. I have actually sold most of my flasks which really scared me as I bought them just before 8.2 was announced.


My inventory is looking great. I’m up 60k relative to last week and most of it is in quite liquid items like materials and augment runes. I may have to bark in chat to really move my stuff quickly, but that’s not much of an issue. Monday will be exciting!

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