9.1 is coming?

A lot of reputable content creators believe 9.1 is coming about the end of June/beginning of July. So let’s take a look at the major changes and what you could do to prepare.

New legendaries

This is the biggest one of them all. Legendaries have defined professions throughout Shadowlands and are likely to continue to do so, with 9.1 adding two new ranks. This will lead to a significant increase in demand for materials once players have enough soul cinders to upgrade their legendaries to rank 5 or 6.

Demand for materials and legendaries was incredible for the first weeks of Shadowlands, and we will likely see similar behaviour in the first weeks of 9.1

To prepare or not prepare

The big question is of course to what degree you should prepare. Some goldmakers have started buying materials in preparation, I have even bought a little bit myself. Patch releases often lead to material price increases, and the main market likely to cause it is legendaries. Particularly the week everyone can upgrade to rank 5 and the week everyone can upgrade their legendaries to rank 6 should see heavy demand for materials, as well as the new rank 5 and 6 legendaries.

There’s a lot of factors to consider, but preparing so you have enough materials to be certain you can get at least a couple of legendaries out for all the top selling recipes will be useful. You will also want to prepare for whichever vestige of orgins recipe looks to be the cheapest for your crafting profession combinations.

The rep hunt

Before you can craft the Vestige of Origins you need to farm rep with the new faction. You will want to go hard on your legendary crafters to ensure you get access to both vestige and crafter’s mark 3 as soon as possible. Maximizing rep early on will be key to unlocking the new recipes and taking advantage of the profit potential.

Not too late yet

It’s not too late to invest, but as always investing for the future is a high risk proposition. Whether or not it is worth it is something you will have to consider closely. I have not invested too much, and I do not have any plans to invest significantly more, but I have had a very varied experience with investing for the future and I generally stick to the basics.

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