9.1 is upon us!

9.1 was just officially announced, coming in hot on the 29th of June. Many people were expecting a week later at least due to no news yet, but it’s coming sooner than I thought.

Markets react to the news

I’m sure the market on most realms has already reacted accordingly. Crafters who were not already stocking materials will probably be buying up now, so we should expect prices to spike before the patch. Predicting material prices is risky business, but demand will likely skyrocket around the time players can craft their rank 5 and 6 legendaries.

Farm up some stygia

Outside of the obvious material preparation, which may or may not be worth it on your realm, you can prepare for some of the new recipes. The recipe for Vestige of Origins is sold for 2000 Stygia on the PTR, so make sure you have pre-farmed the stygia on your legendary crafters so you are ready to go. There’s also a 2000 stygia cost for the crafter’s mark 3 recipe. So on any of your crafters where you may want to craft both these you will want to farm up 4000 stygia before 9.1 launches. You can always do it when 9.1 is out as well, but that will put you slightly behind as you can do it now to optimize.

Get ready for the rep farm

Read up and watch up on how to optimize reputation gains and archivist codex progress. You will want to get your hand on the new recipes ASAP, and if you are armed with more knowledge on how to farm the rep than your competition this will be a huge advantage.

Alts for Korthite Crystals

Korthite crystals will have extreme demand in the first couple of weeks of 9.1. Having multiple alts ready to run the Korthia dailies in case they turn up. This will let you generate a lot of extra Korthite crystals, which will potentially net you a lot of gold. Get some gear on your alts so they can mow through the intro quests and the dailies at a fast pace and you will be saving time.

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