9.2 Reputation and recipe guide

With 9.2 now out it’s time to get busy working on the reputation gains for the new Enlightened rep. The enlightened is the faction that covers all the new recipes, making it very important for goldmakers.

Recipe unlocks at honored

All of the goldmaking relevant recipes are unlocked at Honored, which is nice for the initial grind. The three recipes we care about here are of course the two new Crafter’s marks as well as the new vestige. The Vestige does have a second requirement of completing the 5th chapter of the 9.2 storyline, so you won’t be able to get it until the third week of the patch.

Reputation gains

There are three types of reputation gains, one-off gains you get for completing the chapters of the 9.2 story, daily gains from killing rares and doing world quests and some weekly gains from the world boss and the bi-weekly quest.


World Boss:  200 Rep

Bi-Weekly quest: 500 rep per


3 world quests, 125 rep each

Rares: 10-15 rep

Total weekly rep available: ~5500

Based on this we can work out what kind of effort you need to put in to unlock the recipes you want in a timely manner.

Legendary recipes

For the legendary recipe you need to hit honored by the time you finish the third week’s campaign chapter. If you just do the bi-weekly quests, world bosses and chapters you will have enough reputation by the time the recipe unlocks as long as you also do the world quests at least 6 days. You can then just wait for the world boss and chapter gains from the second reset and you have the reputation you need. As such you can skip quite a few days and still make it in time, making this farm VERY lenient.

Rushing marks

If you want to rush the Crafter’s marks however, things look different. The earliest possible time you can reach honored is just after the first reset. To get there you have to kill a little over 200 rep worth of rares every day, in addition to doing all the guaranteed sources of reputation every day.

This is on average, so you can get away with a little less some days. If you want to be first to market here you will have to put in the effort. The Chart below shows you the rep gains for the first two weeks assuming you just do the dailies, you do half the rares in addition or going full tryhard and killing 200 rep worth of rares per day. As you can see, outside of the first week Honored , it does not really impact how quickly you unlock anything.

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