A goldmaking guide to Progenitor Enhancements

A new addition to the game in 9.2 is the addition of Progenitor Enhancement Optional reagents. These are quite interesting from a goldmaking perspective, so let’s take a look at them. 

Tradeable optional reagents

Progenitor enhancements is a new group of optional reagents you can use when crafting gear in 9.2 They come as a separate category in addition to crafter’s marks and missives. This is finally, the promise Blizzard gave us back at launch for crafted gear. 

Various cool effects

The progenitor enhancements give a wide variety of effects, ranging from damage or healing procs, speed, increased duration on flasks and potions and other utility effects. I summarized all the new enhancements below, as well as highlighting which I think are the most useful ones. 

You can trade them

Interestingly these reagents can be traded, unlike most of the optional reagents currently in the game. This means these items can be sold to other crafters. Any profession can can use any of the progenitor enhancements, regardless of what profession crafts the reagent. I’ve seen some people selling them succesfully on the AH, and the risk of trying it out is not high. 

A necessity?

In my opinion it is now pretty much a necessity to include a progenitor enhancement when crafting any rare armor for sale. Players will naturally prefer to get a piece that includes an extra effect in addition to the basic stats of the item. The costs are generally not large enough to where they matter too much. Currently about 1000 gold, which is a very small part of the cost relative to the 16-18 000 gold for the Progenitor essentia. 

What are the best ones?

The best general purpose one is likely the aealic harmonizing stone. This adds a potential main stat increase proc to the item. Outside of that the speed effect might be useful for 233 gear, and the erratic genesis matrix can be good for tanks. The others have more nichey use cases, making them less useful overall. 

Handling them in TSM

If you want to include their cost in TSM in an auctioning operation, you can do that quite easily, by adding the matprice() of the specific item. You can find a list below with the matprices including the itemID, to easily include them in your operations. Sadly TSM can’t actually distinguish these items, so if you use multiple different ones you will have to pick one that you use as the price for all of them, which will be a little incorrect.

Magically regulated Automa Core: matprice(i:187823)

Cosmic Protoweave: matprice(i:187825)

Infusion: Corpse Purification: matprice(i:187827)

Aealic Harmonizing Stone: matprice(i:187829)

Pure-Air Sail Extensions: matprice(i:187831)

Erratic Genesis Matrix: matprice(i:187836)

Devourer Essence Stone: matprice(i:187849)

Sustaining Armor Polish: matprice(i:187850)

TSM Settings for selling them

If you want to sell them I made one group containing all of them. We just use the crafting price source to value them. The deposit cost is not insignificant, so you want to limit how many you post at the time, so adapt your quantities to what you can typically on your realm. 


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