Battle for Azeroth Jewelcrafting Gold Guide

Jewelcrafting has been one of the staple gold making professions throughout the history of World of Warcraft. Today we will take a look at how it works in BfA and how you can take advantage of it make gold. This Battle for Azeroth jewelcrafting gold guide will cover everything you need to know to earn gold from jewelcrafting.

Basic Overview

Jewelcrafting can craft gems, rings and staffs. In addition to these crafts jewelcrafters are the only ones who can create the raw gems required, by prospecting ores. We will take a look at all of these crafts and activities.


Prospecting is the art of turning ore into gems. You can prospect all three BfA ores, but on most realms Platinum ore will be the cheapest ore. As Platinum has the highest gem yields out of all the ores in BfA you will not want to prospect anything else.

When is it profitable?

The easiest way to figure out if prospecting is profitable is to check my spreadsheet. It will easily calculate the expected value of the gems from prospecting. Keep in mind that you will need to prospect a decent amount of ore to get the expected number of each gem.

In practice the epic gems will be the most important ones for the value of the ore, while the rare gems provide the rest. In BfA the uncommon gems are pretty much just vendor thrash at the current point in time. They are way to abundant, and monelite ore is too expensive to make any shuffle with the uncommon rings worth it.

Buying ore

My TSM setup includes a group for buying platinum ore. To find the maximum value for purchasing ore I made a custom price source that includes the dbmarket value for the expected epic gems and rare gems.

The yields from platinum ore have been taken from serejais great data collection spreadsheet.

You can find the custom price in the code box below. Make sure you name it platinum so my operations work as they should. The maximum price my operation uses is 70% of the dbmarket value for the gems. Keep in mind that gem prices may not have converged yet, so depending on your realm, you may want to stick to the spreadsheet for now.


Prospecting effectively

Blizzard have not yet added mass prospecting to BfA so you will have to prospect manually. Luckily Platinum ore is the most cost efficient way to prospect, and it is also the most time-efficient ore.

You can use the simple macro below to prospect your ore.

/cast prospecting
/use Platinum Ore


Epic Gems

Kraken's Eye Sales

Epic gems have been the best sellers for me so far in Legion. They are popular, and I expect the sale rate will go up when mythic+ and raids open and we get more focus on pushing end game content.

There are fewer sockets in BfA compared to legion, but they should still for a decent profit. My auctioning operation sells them in stacks of 1 and only posts one at a time. As usual you will want to focus on posting these on raid reset nights.

Re-posting these every 10-20 minutes on raid nights will usually net you a lot of sales. Players have just opened their M+ cache and are obtaining new gear.

Rare gems

Owlseye sales

Rare gems are very abundant in BfA as we are all prospecting the highest yield ore. The sale rate and prices are very different.

I find that crit and haste gems are much more valuable than versatility and mastery on my realm. This might be because the yellow and orange gems are used in the scarlet diamond staff that is much more popular than the Laribole variation.

Either way we should expect these gems to continue selling, even if prices will likely never be spectacular.

Item level 300 Rings

Jewelcrafting Rign Sales

The item level 300 rings have been selling quite well for me. Prices are not too impressive though sadly. The socket and getting the exact secondary stats you want is quite useful, and I expect they will retain value.

Crafting them requires expulsom which you can only gain from the scrapper. The easiest way to get expulsom is by scrapping either the Leatherworking or Tailoring uncommon bracers. They will yield an expulsom about 15% of the time. You can easily check the cost of one expulsom in my spreadsheet.

My TSM setup will automatically price the epic versions separately and will post them higher than it would post the rare version if the AH is empty.

Item level 300 Staffs

Jewelcrafting Staff Sales

The item level 300 staffs has so far been a very low competition market for me. I do not expect it to remain as calm as it has been though.

Profit margins have been great, even if sale rates have not been to high. The Scarlet Diamond variation is much more popular than the Laribole as there are many more casters than there are agility characters using staves.

As with the rings you will have to make expulsom from the scrapper to craft these weapons.

TSM setup

This time my TSM setup will require some more explanation and work from you than usual. We are still early in the expansion and prices have not yet stabilized. This means we will have to use some hard coded price limits. I am also missing a group with the full set of bonus IDs for crafted gear so you will have to do some manual adding of items.

Setting hard coded limits for gems

The minimum prices for both my gem operations are based on my current realm. You will need to change both these values based on how your realm is doing. You can see where you change it in the screenshot below.

TSM4 Epic gem operation

Adding item variations

You will need to add the item variations you have crafted to the groups. In the screenshot below you can see two amberblaze loops in the ungrouped item list that are not in the group.

You simply click both of them and then the add item to group button on the bottom.

Adding items to rare ring TSM group

Adding a material cost for expulsom

You will also have to add a material cost for expulsom to make sure that TSM can find the crafting cost of your items. To do so open your crafting window and click crafting reports. Then you navigate to materials and search for expulsom. I suggest setting it to a hard coded gold value for now.

Check my spreadsheet’s expulsom tab to see what one expulsom will cost you from either leatherworking or tailoring. I have been using 500 gold for the most part.

Expulsom crafting value

Get the settings

With all that out of the way you can find the settings in my pastebin.

This guide was posted to patrons three days ago. If you want early access to all my posts you can get it by supporting me on patreon. 

18 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth Jewelcrafting Gold Guide

  1. JC is dead market except blizzard added socket to azerite armors and add 355ilvl ring with socket with it. If nothing change for JC 1 month, you will see kraken’s eye price will plummeted.

    1. Why do you think it will plummet? The rate of sockets won’t really change. The current equilibrium is based on the fact that azerite doesnt have sockets, so the only thing that will change is the rate of uogrades.

  2. Thank you for that, Lazy.

    I believe in my situation I’ll only focus on Rare/Epic gems since I only have one 110+ character and he is already JC/Alchemy.

    Actually… with the expulsoms I’ll get from Scrap drops (since I don’t have one character to craft it) I believe I’ll make the staves/rings with all the excess expulsom I’ll get since I don’t think Alchemy trinkets are worth crafting. (although I don’t they will sell for longer since its quite easy to get 325+ weapons/rings now)

  3. JC is dead , selling weapons and rings at the beginning of exp was ok , but now u cant even make it breakeven.Making gold guide and showing sales data 2 weeks old should be treated as scam.

      1. You are showing old data that have nothing in common with current state of market.Not to mention 1-2 sales per day at start of expansion is way too low.

  4. I think you might have a very minor error in your spreadsheet. In the Jewelcrafting Recipes sheet you list the drop probabilities of the gems from prospecting ore divided by the amount of ore it takes for one prospect in order to match it to single ore prices. That is fine, but it looks like you did not do this for the Kraken’s Eye drop rate so the drop rate it uses to calculate prospecting profitability is 5 times higher (it looks like you put the actual drop rate in 0.8% and not 0.8% / 5 = 0.16%). This does not affect the calculations profoundly, but as I said it is a minor error that will lead to slightly incorrect calculations.

    1. All the rates are per ore rates. It’s taken from serejais data collection sheet. The rare and uncommons rates in his sheet are based on the total rate for all rares so they are divided by 6 to get the per gem rate. The rate from the 60k ore prospected there is 0.8%.

  5. Hey TLG, Great site!!! Do you have a one-sheet for raw gems and what expansion they are from? I want to sort my JC bank by expansion. Thank you boss.

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