BfA Goldmaking: Early material flipping experiment results

Two weeks ago I wrote about my initial theorycrafting in the material flipping market in 8.3. Since then I’ve been running an experiment, and since we are now 13 days in, it’s about time we summarize and share some results and thoughts. 

My Approach

The general idea is to just buy everything below the maximum price. i haven’t figured out optimal quantities for the different materials yet, but if you are just starting out stick to lower volumes. 500-1000 should be plenty. Scale up with the materials that sell and keep running scans. 

I want to make a setup that you can just blindly use to buy below a max price and feel reasonably certain you will make 10-20 % profit. 

My results

So far I’ve had OK results. I’ve just been doing this for 13 days and I started with 100 000 gold. Right now I have 128 000 gold worth of auctions and 5 000 gold on my character, so it’s nothing amazing. 

I’ve  had sales that hit 88k, so sales are steady, but I am just reinvesting instantly. Overall my AH value is trending upwards very slowly. It looks like this is something that can work, but you want a lot of capital to really make it work most likely. Starting with 100k is going to be quite slow. It will most likely never reach the level it used to have as the strongest entry level market, but it can be  a very nice supplement for sure. 

TSM settings

These settings are experimental. I’ve not verified that they will work well for anyone, but they do seem to have potential. use them at your own discretion. 

I ended up trying with a fairly basic setup. My Maximum shopping price is 70% of the market value for an item. I also include a short formula that calculates the expected deposit costs for an item. This is then subtracted from the maximum shopping price and added to the auctioning prices. This is a string that BilisOnyxia has made, and it is used a long with a bunch of other tricks in his commodity flipping setup that you can get on his patreon page. 

This time around I do use avgbuy in the auctioning operation. I think you have to do it this way on the current AH. Neat stacking and overcutting at market value won’t work and you have to be willing to take a lower profit. I’ve been using 110% avgbuy so far, and it seems to work, if not spectacularly so. 

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