BfA Goldmaking: Engineering in 8.3

I have written way too little about engineering, so let’s take a look at the recipes engineers got in 8.3 and what you can do to make gold with them. 

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New recipes

Engineers have been in a pretty bad spot overall this expansion. The number of tradeable recipes have been quite low, with some item enhancements and two weapons. 

This is the case yet again in 8.3. Engineers only get two new recipes, a gun and a 1-handed mace. Both are item level 400 as all the other uncanny combatant pieces are. 

Uncanny combatant gear basics

Uncanny combatant gear is item level 400 BoE gear crafted by professions. You get the rank 1 recipes from your profession trainer and rank 2 and 3 are purchased from your faction’s PvP vendor using marks of honor. Generally they have been profitable even at rank 1 making them a great market. 

They do requrie some capital as you have to be able to craft 5-10 of each item before you start seeing consistent sales. Each craft will proc into one random stat variant and you need to have several different variants before you start seeing strong sales. 

Engineering specifics

Engineering recipes require Osmenite Ore, Storm Silver Ore and Infused wiring in addition to the expulsom. The ores are easily found on the AH or out in the world if you REALLY like farming. The Wiring is sold by trade supply vendors all across Kul Tiras, so make sure you buy them there, rather than at a heavy market at the AH!


The most time consuming part of crafting Uncanny combatant gear is getting enough expulsom. The best source is to use tailoring to craft Tidespray Linen Bracers and feed them all to the scrapper. You get one expulsom 15% of the time. You can use the custom price source below to calculate the cost of one expulsom. It’s really important that you set a material value for expulsom, as otherwise the crafting price source will be invalid and the TSM setup will not be posting any of the items.

The string below compares the leatherworking and tailoring bracers and uses the cheapest, this will 9 times out of 10 be the linen bracers so having tailoring is a must. You can get the recipe at level 1 tailoring so just need a level 110 character that can get to Zandalar og Kul Tiras and you are good to go. 

min(10*dbmarket(i:152576)+2g50s,6*dbmarket(i:152541)+ 4*dbmarket(i:154164),6*dbmarket(i:153050)+4*dbmarket(i:154164))/0.15

TSM setup

The TSM group only contains the base item variant. As you craft you should add the variants to the group by just finding them in the add to group UI. 

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