BfA Goldmaking: First look at 8.3

8.3 is now on the PTR, and it’s time to start looking at some of the stuff that has been datamined. Certain items where very profitable with the launch of 8.2 and specific recipes, including the red and green gems for crafting the BoP items and items like this will be crucial to keep an eye on. 

Datamining has begun

Thankfully datamining has begun and we already have quite a few interesting items that have been extracted. Crafting recipes will be the most interesting items from a goldmaking perspective, as anything else is too much subject to change to really make any educated guesses. 

New bind on pickup gear

Similar to 8.2 we get a set of very powerful BoP crafted items in patch 8.3. Last time around they led to a huge price increase, particularly for the red and green epic gems that were needed in very large amounts. 

8.3 brings similar recipes, with three ranks of recipes that looks to be unlocked by crafting the previous version. The crafting costs are very high across the board, with current PTR versions having expulsom costs up to 60 per item for the highest level. For all 3 you are looking at about 140 total expulsom, which is a lot. 

The item level starts at 440 and goes up to 470 for the highest rank recipes. 

Which professions get what?

Alchemy gets a trinket, Blacksmiths get leggings and a belt, Engineers get goggles, Inscription is uncertain. Jewelcrafting gets rings and leatherworkers and tailors both get gloves and leggings. 

As we can see most of the professions actually get access to two items, with alchemists and jewelcrafters get stuck with just one. Both the trinket and ring is unique-equipped as well, so players of these classes will just get one item. 

Materials needed

Expulsom is the biggest one, and it is required in absolutely huge amounts. In addition most recipes require several hundred of the relevant basic crafting material. For leatherworkers this means Dredged Leather and Cragscale, tailors need Gilded Seawave, blacksmiths and engineers need Osmenite Ore and jewelcrafters need the Azsharine and Sage Agates yet again.

Overall most of these materials should see high demand at the beginning of 8.3, and it may be possible to stock up profitably. Prospecting will likely see a new renaissance as an absolutely massive amount of gems is needed. 

The other major factor is of course the sheer amount of expulsom. If you want these items for yourself I suggest stocking up ahead of time. Tidespray Linen may see a bump depending on how many players are ahead with their purchases. 

Investing is risky

Timing the low point in the price is always incredibly hard. There’s a reason I do very little investing for patches. Make your own analysis for your realm if you want to invest based on this, and be ready to lose up to 50% of the value at least if you invest at the wrong time. Ultimately the steady methods typically yield more. 

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