BfA Goldmaking: First look at BoE flipping in 8.3

8.3 is on the horizon and with it we get a new set of BoEs and a higher item level cap. This always shakes up the BoE flipping market and to get ahead of the changes we’ll take a look at what we know so far. 

Trends so far in BfA

So far in BfA there have been some trends that have held up very well for BoE flipping. the biggest one is that BoEs from the raid from one patch earlier has usually done really well. Uldir BoEs did really well in 8.1. BoD BoEs did really well in 8.2, and I expect Eternal Palace BoEs will still sell well in 8.3. 

Corruption and affixes

What we know about item levels goes completely out the window though, as warforging and titanforging is replaced by the corruption system. Corrupted gear gets some amount of corruption stat that gives a variety of negative effects based on your total corruption, and a random positive affix that comes in three tiers. I expect the different buffs will be WILDLY different in value. We don’t know exactly how this will work, but assuming that you can get the bonus affixes on BoEs you will have to pay REALLY close attention to price your items right, so flipping should work great. 

Item slots

So far in BfA we have had Gloves and bracers in Uldir and Eternal Palace and boots and belts in BoD. I expect we will repeat again which means that Nya’lotha will have boots and belts. We’ll see if stats or the corruption affixes stack or if they even show up on the BoE gear, but I think it will be incredibly difficult to price right. 

Old raids

Obviously we will most likely see BoD BoEs become essentially worthless. If they keep the pattern then the new BoEs will be in the same slot as them, making the value extremely low. Now is the time to start unloading them, and definitely to stop buying more. 

Overall tips

If we summarize I think that item level 460 and above will be the most significant ones. Heroic and Mythic base item level together with a strong corruption affix will most likely be very valuable, especially if it hits a tier 3 affix for the BiS version. I expect these items to be completely mispriced as well as corruption and affixes together will make an absolute jungle to flip. Overall I expect this will be a fantastic time to flip BoEs. For Eternal Palace BoEs I would stick to 430 and above, and I expect this group of items to hold their value very well, so don’t make the mistake of unloading these cheaply!

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2 thoughts on “BfA Goldmaking: First look at BoE flipping in 8.3

  1. How do you see BoE being miss priced when the new AH UI also comes in 8.3 that greatly reduces the opportunity for miss pricing by telling players what the next one is posted at, suggesting a price based on past prices, and taking away the need to physically type in a price?

    1. You will still have to manually compare your version with the others on the AH, and with the number of different permutations of BoEs and bonus rolls I think accurate pricing will still be difficult and a lot of people will probably undercut the cheapest one regardless of ilvl, but we will see.

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