BfA Goldmaking: Patch 8.2.5 is live

Let’s take a look at the changes in patch 8.2.5, to see if it offers any interesting goldmaking opportunities. It went live yesterday, so this will be very interesting. 

Content additions

There are quite a few content additions in 8.2.5. The biggest one is of course the culmination of the war campaign, which undoubtedly will pull quite a few players back. As far as goldmaking goes, it is unlikely to add any new markets, as it is just the continuation of a quest chain. 

The biggest content changes outside of this is related to the 15 year anniversary for WoW. We get Firelands timewalking, as well as a new raid where we kill various old bosses to celebrate the history of the game. I expect players will want to do these to get the time-limited rewards, so we should see a nice bump in demand for various end-game consumables. 

The return of Recruit a friend

The RAF system returns with all new rewards and bonus XP. The new rewards are particularly interesting as they are based on retention. You get rewards at various tiers of game time. Eventually the rewards goes to one free month every 3 months. For those of you, like me, who run a second account this will help your tokens or money go farther as you every three months you get two months for the price of one. Outside of that the rewards are cosmetic as usual. I would definitely take advantage of this. If you want to level some alts you can get 50% bonus XP, it is pretty easy to setup with two accounts using auto-hotkey, although it is not optimal. ISBoxer is a better, paid alternative. 

New items

A new glyph is coming that will change the appearance of the mage table. Make sure you add this to your repertoire on your scribe to take advantage. If you are the first one, you may be able to see some very nice profit margins. 

Black market AH galore

A ton of new items are being added to the black market AH. This should provide a nice new gold sink for rich players to get their gold out of the economy. This might bring inflation down, so we could see prices decrease, or it might increase the activity in the economy as more players focus on gold making. Either way it is always cool to be able to spend your gold on expensive, shiny toys. 


Overall I don’t think any of the changes really impact goldmaking directly. It will still be the same markets as before 8.2.5. What will change is of course the active player base. We may see a small, or even a large influx as players who got bored of classic may want to dive into a fresh patch, a bunch of nostalgia from different eras, as well as the limited time events. I expect slightly brighter days for BfA goldmaking!

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2 thoughts on “BfA Goldmaking: Patch 8.2.5 is live

  1. Check out the new honeyback hive content in Stormsong Valley (alliance only). Some rep-items are sellable on the AH. Wowhead had a food guide available.

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