BfA Goldmaking: Preparing for 8.3 (part 2)

It’s time to revisit my post from a couple of months ago about preparing for 8.3 and see if there are any important things to do before the patch hits!

My last post

I wrote about this back in November, but my last post was before we knew about the AH re-vamp, making it almost obsolete. We know a little more about the patch by now, but there can and will be changes that have not been on the PTR, so the 14th will as always be interesting. 

A note on patch preparation

I personally do not do a lot of patch preparation, and I have been so wrong in the past that I would advise against making any large investments preparing for a patch. Don’t spend all your gold. That being said there is some prep that makes sense, so let’s look at it. 

Getting out of dying markets

The biggest thing you can do is to stop buying and crafting items that will be less relevant in the new patch. There isn’t that much on the table this time around, as we have not gotten confirmation on new combatant gear. That being said the Notorious combatant gear will be significantly worse in the new patch as you will get easier access to higher item level gear from other sources. 

Another market that may tank is the market for Augment-Runes as you can get an infinite one. The infinite costs you 50k, though so players may hold off. 

Lastly of course raid BoEs that get replaced by BoEs in the same slot for the same armor type will lose value. Nya’lotha drops BoEs in different slots for the different armor types. The ones that are becoming obsolete are: 

Cloth legs

Mail waist

Leather feet

Plate Hands

So any items in these categories should be removed from your shopping scans ASAP. 

Items that could increase in price

The major area here will be items related to the new BoP craftable 470 items. These items will be highly in demand and the materials required could go up. This could also impact linen and leather prices as players need a significant amount of expulsom to get their gear. This includes the red and green JC gems in particular as you need a whooping 70 each of Sage Agates and Azsharines. 

Osmenite Ore, Tempest Hides, Cragscale and Gilded Seaweave will also be required, but not at the same extreme level relative to farming speeds as the gems. 70 Azsharines and Sage Agates is equivalent to prospecting 6300 Osmenite Ore, pretty crazy. 

If you really want to buy something the gems and Osmenite ores are your best bet, but this is not particularly secret info, so it may be too late, or it may never increase in price. 

Material flipping and the AH revamp

Material flipping will most likely not work after the AH revamp. Any market where you rely on stack sizing for your prices you want to actively repost to get rid of as much as possible before 8.3. rolls around, For me this would include flasks, which I have never made a profit with in BfA or legion without stack sizing. You will best have an idea of which markets this is for you, so be active and repost them like crazy the next weeks. 

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One thought on “BfA Goldmaking: Preparing for 8.3 (part 2)

  1. “There isn’t that much on the table this time around, as we have not gotten confirmation on new combatant gear”

    Did something happen to uncanny combatant gear on PTR?

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