BfA Goldmaking: Simple goldmaking: Farm old raids for raw gold

Today we’ll take a look at a nice easy way to generate a couple of thousand gold while also helping you unlock some cool transmog and even giving you a chance at some mounts. I am of course talking about soloing old raids for the gold. 

The idea

The idea is to head into old expansion raids, kill the bosses, vendor all the loot and go out. The bosses drop fairly substantial gold purses alongside a lot of loot with decent vendor prices. This is not the most efficient gold per hour farming, but I have generally found it quite enjoyable and it will give you more than just gold. It is also fairly quick and you can get a couple thousand gold without spending too much time. 

So which expansions do we farm?

Reckles did the numbers on this in a youtube video in August. The TL:Dr is of course that it is not optimal to run a full set from any expansion, but there are a nice amount of instances that are good. I’ll be summing up his numbers and give you the best gold per hour, which mostly means cutting out any of the longer ones, so let’s take a look. 

Warlords of Draenor

In WoD you want to run the raids on LFR. This saves you a ton of time compared to the other methods. As long as you have a rank 2 garrison you can queue from your garrison. You should get about 6500 gold in 46 minutes, which isn’t amazing, but you do get appearances and other goodies. Mythic will take 71 minutes for less than 1000 gold more and is way worse if you mostly care about the gold. 

Mists of Pandaria

If you do all the MoP raids it will take you almost 2 hours for about 10k gold. The two standouts in terms of time spent are Trone of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar. If you just do the 3 others you will generate about 3800 gold in 35 minutes, which is OK. It’s still worse than Warlords of Draenor, but you do get a shot at Elegon in Mogu’shan vaults to sweeten the deal. You want to do the raids on LFR and you can queue for it by heading to the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Heart of Fear thrash also drops a ton of gold and spirits of harmony so go ahead and clear all of them. 


Cataclysm is the most well known and established version of this farm. Doing all the instances will take about 53 minutes for about 5800 gold. Dragon Soul takes up a very large amount of this time however at 26 minutes, but yields just 1800 gold. If you skip DS you get about 4000 gold in just 27 minutes, which is by far the most time efficient here. That being said Dragon Soul has two mounts to make it worth your while, so you may want to hit it up until you get those, but if you just care about gold you should just do the others. 

Is this worth it?

Compared to optimized BfA farming, crafting or flipping this is obviously going to give you a lot less gold per hour. The biggest advantage of this is of course the fact that it is completely brainless. You just vendor everything. you con’t need to interact with the AH at all. It is consistent and it does not require any investment. 

It will also get you a chance at some cool appearances and you can even swap out between alts to get all of them if you really care. Overall I think it is a nice addition to your routine and is actually quite fun, but then again farming mounts is one of the few things I enjoy doing in retail WoW. 

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