BfA goldmaking: Taking advantage of the classic hype

Today I will talk about a potential way to take advantage of the fact that a large proportion of the BfA population has left for classic. This is focused on BfA players so if you are not active in BfA then this is not for you.

What do we expect from the classic?

This is the big question. To some extent you will have to guess correctly about the long term success of classic. Obviously an absolute ton of people are playing classic right now. The big question is how long they will stick around. As long as classic is fun and interesting they will be spending the majority of their time in classic, and thus pretty much ignore BfA.

BfA does still hold several interesting things that should keep at least some player base active. Players have invested years into their characters. collections and stuff like that, and you can buy tokens which is a MASSIVE draw, particularly for us gold makers.

Low activity means lower prices

Low activity in BfA does mean lower prices, at least for some items. Overall it looks like a surprisingly large number of items have kept their value though. Just from looking in trade chat on my realms it does look like the active player base is VERY low for BfA, so I’m not quite sure how badly things are going. I’ve been moving houses and have not really managed to put in much BfA time sadly, but I will be rectifying that shortly.

Token prices are up

Token prices have been increasing and are actually fairly high. This may be players cashing in as they quit for classic. This might also be because way fewer people care enough about getting gold in BfA, so they don’ bother buying the tokens for money.

Taking advantage

So how can we take advantage of low prices. The main way we can do this is through buying items that have a lower price right now, but that we expect will face inflation in the future. This means that most BfA materials, and stuff like BoEs is most likely off the table. These items are only valuable in the BfA framework, and ultimately you will probably have to wait for the next expansion before there is significant hype about Retail WoW. Items that make sense to buy up include TCG pets, other rare battle pets, particularly from the BfA expansion, rare transmog, rare mounts and other cosmetic items that will keep their value.

Using TSM to identify items that have dropped in price

To figure out if an item has dropped in price we can use the historical price sources in TSM. Dbhistorical or DBregionhistorical will work well as they are based on prices over the last 90 days. Simply set your regular shopping price under settings to either dbhistorical or dbregionhistorical and do some normal shopping scans. If the price is 70-80% then it could be a pretty good place to park some gold while you hang about in classic, or just to take advantage of the lull!

Good luck!

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