BfA Goldmaking: The Xiwyllag ATV

8.2 added a recipe I still haven’t written about, the Xiwyllag ATV. This is a mount that requires intermediate crafts from Blacksmithing and Engineering. 

Mount crafting has usually been amazing

Mount crafting has been a staple of Engineering for many expansions. Ever since Wrath of the Lich King and the choppers this item niche has been a very good one. 

Mounts are usually by far the best cosmetic items in the game as they are much more popular to collect than any other cosmetic item type. Mount collection is the entry level collection drug and many players go for the meta-achievments meaning they will buy any AH available mount. 

Crafting the ATV

To craft the ATV you need to combine two items, the Super Charged Engine, and the Monelite Reinforced Chassis. The engine is crafted by Engineers and the Chassis by Blacksmiths. Obviously you will need both versions to be profitable in this market so you can actually finish your mounts. 

Getting the recipes

Both recipes drop from K.U.-J.O. in Operation: Mechagon. According to Wowhead comments you can get it on heroic as well, so just go to town queueing for Mechagon Workshop. The drop rate is fairly low, so it may take quite a while to get it to drop, but just keep at it. Mount recipes typically keep their value across expansions, so getting it now will be well worth it for posterity as well. 

Crafting the pieces

Crafting the pieces is overall fairly simple. They require Platinum, Storm Silver and Monelite ores, as well as some vendor materials and expulsom. Nothing too fancy required at all, so just buy the materials and get some Tidespray Linen Bracers to scrap. 

TSM Setup: Expulsom value

You need to set a value source for expulsom under crafting reports view of the TSM crafting window. Just open it by typing “/tsm crafting” into chat and go to Crafting reports, then materials and search for expulsom. 

The string below compares the leatherworking and tailoring bracers and uses the cheapest, this will 9 times out of 10 be the linen bracers so having tailoring is a must. You can get the recipe at level 1 tailoring so just need a level 110 character that can get to Zandalar or Kul Tiras and you are good to go. 

min(10*dbmarket(i:152576)+2g50s,6*dbmarket(i:152541)+ 4*dbmarket(i:154164),6*dbmarket(i:153050)+4*dbmarket(i:154164))/0.15

TSM Setup: Selling the ATVs

To sell the ATVs we will use a fairly basic crafting based setup. I’d suggest starting with one mount up at the time, and then scaling up if you find it sells quickly. We will have to use the crafting cost of the components in the operation to get it to work, so make sure you have both recipes, as otherwise you will just be getting error messages. 

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