BfA Tailoring: Making gold with tailoring bags

Bags have been a great way to make gold in WoW since the dawn of vanilla. Players always want more space to pick up items and this market will never go away. BfA added two new bag recipes, so let’s take a look at how you cna maximize your profits from them. 

The recipes

The two bags you can craft in BfA is t the 30 slot Deep Sea Bag and the 32 slot Embroidered Deep Sea bag. For the Deep Sea Bag you get rank 1 from your profession trainer at skill level 50, rank to at skill level 85 and rank 3 from getting revered with either the Voldunai or the Order of Embers. 

For the Embroidered Deep Sea Bag the rank 1 recipe is a bind on pickup world drop, so if you haven’t gotten it yet it’s time to go farming. Rank two is obtained from the Tortollan Seekers at revered and rank 3 is obtained from Zul in Uldir as a random drop. 

Rank 3 is huge for Embroidered bags as it is a 50% reduction in expulsom cost. Rank 3 will also make your cost 1 Tidalcore per bag which is important to maximize your output. 

The Deep Sea Bag and recipe ranks

The Deep Sea Bag does not require any Bind on pickup materials like Expulsom or Tidalcores. This makes it very easy to mass produce and you can craft as many as you want as long as it is profitable.

The ranks reduce the material cost by about 10% per rank, so getting rank 3 is redommended. The low barrier to entry means that the margins are generally not particularly large and you will probably need rank 3 to get to a 30% profit margin. 

One thing to note is that deep sea bags are frequently made to level tailoring which will make people willing to sell them at fairly low prices sadly. 

The Embroidered Deep Sea bag and it’s ranks

Embroidered deep sea bags require both Expulsom and Hydrocores. Since you already have a tailor if you want to do bags it is quite easy to craft the needed expulsom, even if it is time consuming. 

For the Hydrocores you will have to do Mythic or Mythic+ dungeons. Each dungeon will get you one Tidalcore that you can turn into a Hydrocore with a recipe you learn from the trader. 

If you want to do hardcore bag crafting this means that you will have to spend a decent chunk of time doing mythic dungeons. Ultimately you will have to figure out if this is worth your time depending on the profit margin on your relam.

Due to the very time consuming nature of getting the necessary materials rank 3 is almost mandatory if you want to do this at scale. Rank 3 is huge for Embroidered bags as it is a 50% reduction in expulsom cost compared to rank 1. Rank 3 will also make your cost 1 Tidalcore per bag which is important to maximize your output. 


To get the expulsom needed you will have to do your own scrapping. You can use either tailoring or leatherworking. You will craft the Tidespray Linen Bracers, or one of the Coarse Leather or Shimmerscale based leatherworking bracers and scrapping them en masse. You will get one expulsom per 6 bracers on average either way. You get the recipe at level 1 Zandalari crafting so you can use a level 110 character to craft the tailoring bracers if you do not have tailoring. 

You will need a LOT of expulsom. I strongly suggest getting a scrapping addon to speed up the process. I useScrap Master which was made by BilisOnyxia of Sniper string fame. 

TSM settings

To make TSM settings that have a valid crafting source for the embroidered bags you will have to add values both for expulsom and hydrocores. For bags I generally like to post a decent number at a time as people will typically buy 4 bags in a go to slot out a new character. Experiment with what works where anything from 4 to 20 can be appropriate. The included settings will post 10 bags at the time. 

Expulsom custom Value

If you have not set a value for your expulsom in TSM you will have to do so for my TSM settings to work as they heavily rely on the crafting source. To do so you head to the crafting reports window by typing /tsm crafting. 

Go to materials and search for expulsom. I use a custom price called expulsom, but you can just paste the string below straight in. It will use the lowest crafting cost of the tailoring bracers or either of the leatherworking bracers to calculate the cost of one expulsom. 


Hydrocore custom value

Valuing your hydrocores is pretty much purely based on your preferences. If you are already farming M+ you might be swimming in them. The true value of them is pretty much going to be about equal to any excess profit margin over 20% in the embroidered bags. I suggest just valuing them at some fairly low hard coded gold price. 

The screenshot below shows the price set at 100 gold. 


Now go craft some bags!

Hopefully this will help you get started on bags. Before you craft I suggest getting my spreadsheet and checking the profit margins of the bags on your realm to make sure it’s worth your time. 

Good luck!

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