BfA Tailoring: Sinister combatant gear

It’s time to continue my look at the sinister combatant gear introduced in patch 8.1. Today I will look at the tailoring gear and how you can optimize your profits from this market.


So far I have not made any sales from these items for tailoring, but i have just crafted 2 of each for a week. The blacksmithing gear is selling really well and I expect that the tailoring armor is equally useful.

As you can see from the TSM screenshot below the profit margin is quite good even at rank 1 recipes, with profits ranging up to 7k for the pants.

Sinister Combatant Tailoring profits


The rank 1 recipes are learned from your profession trainer and requires a skill level of 115 in Kul Tiran or Zandalari Tailoring.

The rank 2 and 3 recipes are obtained for Marks of Honor from your profession Liaision (Ozgrom Ragefang for the horde and Leedan Gustaf for the Alliance).

Rank 2 recipes cost 2 marks and rank 3s cost 4 so you need a total of 36 marks to get all rank 3 recipes.

To obtain them in the most efficient manner make sure you do the brawl quest across all your level 120 characters when it is up. Outside of that I haven’t found any shortcuts, so you will just have to queue for random BGs or Arenas.


The tailoring crafts require Embroidered Deep Sea Satin, Deep Sea Satin, Nylon Thread and Expulsom.

The Deep Sea Satin is just a world drop, so you buy what you need from the auction house. The Nylon Thread is sold by profession vendors in Zandalar or Kul Tiras. The Embroidered Deep Sea Satin is crafted from one Deep Sea Satin, one Tidespray Linen and 5 Nylon Thread.

One major tip to save time is to buy as much Embroidered Deep sea satin as you can find from the Auction house. This will save you a ton of time, and crafting the needed expulsom is already a massive time sink. Surprisingly the region market value for the embroidered satin is chaper than deep sea satin so this might even save you some gold on average.


To get the expulsom needed you will have to do your own scrapping. By crafting the Tidespray Linen bracers en masse and scrapping them you will get one expulsom per 6 bracers on average. You get the recipe at level 1 Zandalari crafting so you can use a level 110 character to craft the tailoring bracers if you do not have tailoring.

Expulsom is time consuming to craft, but at least you have everything you need on your tailor. You can just craft tidespray linen bracers and scrap them immediately.

You will need a LOT of expulsom. I strongly suggest getting a scrapping addon to speed up the process. I use Scrap Master which was made by BilisOnyxia of Sniper string fame.

Valuing your expulsom

If you have not set a value for your expulsom in TSM you will have to do so for my TSM settings to work as they heavily rely on the crafting source. To do so you head to the crafting reports window by typing /tsm crafting.

Go to materials and search for expulsom. I use a custom price called expulsom, but you can just paste the string below straight in. It will use the lowest crafting cost of the tailoring bracers or either of the leatherworking bracers to calculate the cost of one expulsom.


TSM Setup

As usual I rely on the same auctioning profession I have utilized throughout the entire expansion to post crafted gear. It will be invalid if you haven’t set a proper price for expulsom, so make sure you get one in.

Due to the random proc nature of the items my group will be missing some of the variants and you will have to add them manually. Just go to the group page of TSM and click the sub groups for item level 340 gear.

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5 thoughts on “BfA Tailoring: Sinister combatant gear

  1. I’ve been making a lot of gold off this stuff. I’m selling at least 8 of each item a week. Only problem I have with it, is that each different version of the gear has different prices. One will be 12k, the other will be 2k. No one’s gonna buy the 12k one. I have to manually put in the lowest price for all of them.

    1. If you want to sell all variations at the same price should modify the maximum and normal price of the normal price is closer to what you want to post at if you are the only one selling a certain variation or the price is too high. If you set it to post at normal price if the price is above your maximum. It would save you time while still getting the prices you want.

    2. Create a tsm group and just put ignore item variations in the top right of the window. This will make it so that TSM doesn’t differentiate between each other.

    1. Fixed that finally. Didn’t see the issue on the editing page as that correctly broke the string over two lines.

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