BoE Flipping in Patch 8.2

Now that I have recapped my adventures with BoE flipping it’s time for a first look at how I will approach the market in 8.2 I have just dabbled a bit. 

The basic setup

If you are completely new to BoE flipping I suggest reading my earlierposts on the subject to get a good idea of how I do it. I use a TSM search string to return every BoE above a certain item level and then I add them to my group as I buy them. 

I use the region market average as the base price and then I post them based on a realm specific percentage of the region market average. My TSM setup has 80% dbregionmarketavg as the minimum price on my main realm, which means you should not buy items above 60% dbregionmarketavg. I vary my minium price from 70 to 110% dbregionmarketavg depending on how the specific realm is. 
The general outline in how to identify deals is essentially the same. We want a minimum profit margin of 20% and we want to buy items where there is a significant gap up to the second cheapest item of the same item level. 

RIP World drops

With 8.2 the world drop weapons are essentially worthless. With the addition of crafted item level 370 weapons as well as really easy to get Benthic gear there is pretty much no market for these any more. This sucks as I made a substantial amount of gold off of the world drop weapons. The trinkets might still be in demand, and you could target them with a specific /Epic/120/Trinket/i350 search. 

Raid drops

Uldir BoEs are now essentially worthless as the BoEs from Azshara’s Eternal Palace covers the same slots. The Battle of Dazar’alor BoEs will still keep a lot of value, but only in the higher end of the item level range. For item levels 400+ there are no other really easy to obtain alternatives compared to purchasing BoD BoEs if you really want to gear quickly. 

For Eternal Palace BoEs I would stick to item levels 430 or above. Lower item levels tend to get swamped with tons of items which makes it almost impossible to find good deals. As always we want to keep an eye out for sockets as they are a prime reason for players to misprice their BoEs. 

Putting it together

Right now I run a serach string for item level 400 or above. I know all the BoE names well enough that I cna tell at a glance which raid it belongs to. Gloves and bracers are from Eternal Palace and belts and boots are from BoD. Both will show up. For the BoD BoEs I look for item level 405 or higher generally. The volume is low and the prices are surprisingly high. For Eternal Palace item level 430 is the lowest I really consider, unless I know the realm generally has very few BoEs, in which case I may go lower. 

The TSM Setup

To set up TSM so you can use the shopping string above correctly you need to set the base price source for normal TSM shopping searches. You do so under the settings here: 


Set the source to dbregionmarketavg and you can now use the percentage in the rightmost column when doing a /Epic/120/i400/ search as a basis for decision making.

You can then use my BoE flipping group to post the BoEs to the auction house.

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4 thoughts on “BoE Flipping in Patch 8.2

    1. I still prefer using a multiple of dbregionmarketavg, say 40% regionmarketavg max buy price and 50% minimum post price if the prices are typically that low

      1. Dbmarket can be really unreliable for BoEs as some variations might never have been posted or may have been artificially inflated on your realm.

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