Burning Crusade Goldmaking: Jewelcrafting Preview

The Burning Crusade is approaching and with it comes new profession recipes, new professions and tons of opportunities. Today we take a look at the goldmaking staple profession Jewelcrafting that is new with TBC.

Jewelcrafting basics

Jewelcrafting can typically craft jewelry like necklaces, rings and trinkets alongside gems that you can put in sockets. TBC was the first expansion jewelcrafting was introduced to the game, and the gearing system really supports it. Sockets are numerous, including the meta gem sockets in helmets that are extremely powerful.

Leveling jewelcrafting

You can level vanilla jewelcrafting up to 300 right now. The trainers are in Exodar or Silvermoon depending on which faction you. I got enough materials to do it for about 370 gold on my realm, and I had done zero prep, so the prices are not as outrageous as I might have feared.

Recipe acquisition is important

In classic and TBC getting the right recipes is very important. Jewelcrafting has an incredible amount of recipes, with a huge number of different gems, with different desireability. Due to how gearing and socket works with hit rating caps and the right set will vary a lot.

Most of the rare gem recipes are world drops that can be traded on the AH, getting these early will be expensive, but also likely incredibly profitable. The only relevant reputaton locked recipes are the craftable trinkets, these should sell, but are not on the level of the gems.

Damage gems will rule

Hit gems and gems with hit and another stat will likely do really well. Hit is the most important stat to gem around and they will be very important. Many combinations will be relevant as you will want to match sockets in many cases. I would aim at getting all of them, but Rigid Dawnstone and Glinting Noble Topaz are among the better looking ones, as well as the pure damage stat Living Ruby Gems Runed, Bold, Delicate and Bright.

Prospecting galore

Prepareyour macros and get ready to click on it. Prospecting will be slow, but profitable. We can’t know what ore will be the most profitable, but I expect prospecting value to primarily reside in the rare gems, so most likely adamantite will be the go to as it has a 3 times higher chance of delivering a rare gem compared to Fel iron.

Aldor versus Scryers doesn’t really matter.

While there are unique recipes locked behind Aldors and Scryers, none of them are particularly important for goldmaking, so you can safely focus this choice on any other criteria you might have.

The rush will be real

The initial rush to get the best gem recipes will be quite real, getting the good ones early will give you a lot of potential profit. Long term you should still expect to make consistent gold with Jewelcrafting, particularly as it becomes a worse profession from a pure performance point of view later on in TBC, so many players will choose to stay away from it.

I’ll follow up with some more in-depth look at prospecting rates to get you the low-down on the best profit strategies and we will be testing that out as we head into launch.

Good luck and have fun!


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