Buy these Shadowlands items while their cheap! (Huge profit potential)

At the end of BfA I invested into a lot of items that I expected to increase in value. I ended up making a ton of gold off of this, so let’s look at the opportunities we have in Shadowlands!

Cosmetics keep value

As always the items for the next expansion will be cosmetic items. What we are looking for specifically are cool cosmetic items that are sourced from the open world or from activities that players will not be spending their time on when Dragonflight rolls around.

In BfA I invested in world drop mounts, as well as island expedition transmog, so let’s find out what Shadowlands has in store for us.

Protoform synthesis

Mounts and pets are the best cosmetic item types for goldmaking, as they have the highest sale rates, making them a lot more attractive than transmog. The main source of open world mounts and pets is the Protoform Synthesis system from Zereth Mortis. In particular the lattices needed for the mounts are a great candidate for investing.


There’s a lot of world drop items in Shadowlands with varying degrees of cosmetic value. This ranges from the generic item level 190 epics, various greens, both zone-specific and others, as well as certain rare drops such as Varruth’s Guilloutine.

This is such a broad category of items, that it’s very hard to know what will keep value and what won’t, but anything that drops from the open world or content that players wont do much when Dragonflight rolls around is going to be good investments.

Battle pets

Shadowlands has a ton of battle pets, as does any expansion. I would suggest focusing on pets from Torghast, as well as rare drop pets. This Wowhead guide has a great rundown of all the pets in Shadowlands. The rarer it is, the better, and you want to prioritize pets that can only be obtained from Shadowlands content. The Polished Pet Charm pets for instance are less certain as an investment.

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