Classic goldmaking: Blacksmithing weapon enhancements

Consumables are always among the absolute best money makers in the game, and in classic most professions have access to them. Today we will take a quick look at the consumables available to blacksmiths. 

Weapon buffs

The consumables blacksmiths can create are weapon buffs. This is a special consumable type that I don’t think ever made it past classic. You apply it to a weapon and it sticks on the weapon for 30 minutes giving some form of buff. 

The blacksmithing buffs are focused on increasing the physical damage dealt with weapons, so the users are anyone that actually attacks with melee weapons. One thing to note is that you can only have one weapon buff. Rogues will typically prefer potions, and horde players will often want windfury on their main hand. As such these consumables should do slightly better on alliance than horde, where both paladins and warriors want them. 

The consumables

There are three types of sharpening stones or weightstones available. Sharpening stones add damage to a sharp weapon, weightstones add damage to blunt weapons and elemental sharpening stone gives critical strike chance. 

The elemental stone is significantly more expensive, but is also more powerful, especially as your gear increases. 

The three best consumables are the Dense weightstone, dense sharpening stone and the aforementioned elemental sharpening stone. 

As you can see from the picture the profit margin is great at just about 100%. 

Materials needed

The dense sharpening stone requires just a single dense stone. The weightstone takes one dense stone and one runecloth, whereas the elemental sharpening stone requires two elemental earth and 3 dense stones, making it significantly more expensive. That being said the materials are fairly simple to keep track off, and you can usually find huge amounts of dense stone and runecloth on the AH, so getting reasonably priced materials should be easy. 

The recipes

The elemental sharpening stone recipe is a BoP drop from Molten Core bosses. Recipes are usually reserved in PuGs, so unless you are in a raid it may take quite a while to get this. Luckily the dense stones are much easier to obtain, with both being trainable from Brikk Keencraft in Booty Bay.  

TSM settings

We want to sell these in fairly large quantities. Players will be stocking up for the raid night at least, which means they likely want at least 4 at the time to cover a roughly 2 hour clear for Molten Core. They stack to 20 so we will be selling in stacks of 20, 10 and 5 to cater to players who want to buy few or many. We won’t be bothering with less than 5 as this is a volume item so we want to minimize the total number of auctions by focusing on larger stacks. 

The TSM group contains all my blacksmithing settings for classic to date. 

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