Classic Goldmaking: Disenchanting on an alt

I was recently made aware of something I had not considered at all. As of right now you can disenchant any item at level 1 enchanting skill. I misrembered and thought you needed a specific skill level to disenchant, but that’s not the case. Obviously we can and will profit from this. 

No Changes?

This was not how I remember enchanting used to work. My earliest memories distinctly remember disenchanting being tied to enchanting skill, but according to wowpedia I’m wrong and it was changed in the pre-patch for TBC.

What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that you can go train enchanting on a level 5 character and start disenchanting. For items like 55+ weapons you get Eternal Essences 75% of the time, and they are selling for huge sums. As such you can get up to 2 times the vendor value of the item if you disenchant your greens. If you run a lot of level 60 instances this will be a lot of potential gold. 

You can also potentially run enchanting shuffles, although they have not impressed me so far, but I may not have found the right recipes. 

Disenchant searches

TSM has a separate search mode that will look for items you can profitably disenchant. Before you do that I would change the maximum search percentage under the shopping settings to 80, and then you can probably go to town. 

Enchanting materials are free to post so the risk is lower in terms of profit margin needed as you just need to be able to sell the item in a reasonable time frame.

Potential effects

If a lot of people start doing this we could see enchanting material prices falling. Right now it feels like this is not too well known, but I could of course be wrong. Either way, I’d strongly suggesting getting into this as you can generate cheap enchanting materials or extra gold from BoE drops.

Posting to the AH

If you want to post the items to the AH, you can just use the settings in my material flipping groups, they work well. There’s no rocket science here, but larger volumes is of course much better than smaller ones. 

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6 thoughts on “Classic Goldmaking: Disenchanting on an alt

  1. This has always been the case. It’s rather nice. Of course, the Tool of the Trade means disenchanting any BFA items on an alt is a bad idea.

    1. Heh. I missed the classic tag. Oops. Ignore the BFA thing. 😛
      But seriously, was required level ever a thing? I don’t remember it ever mattering even back in vanilla. I guess that was a long time ago.

      1. Oh, okay, I see. How did I miss that they added required levels for disenchanting at any point? By doing all my disenchanting on my main, who has always been maxed level on enchanting within a couple weeks of an expansion coming out ever since Vanilla. 😛

  2. Okay, now that I realize we’re looking at Classic: Back in Vanilla, my main was a tailor/enchanter. I actually used to do fairly well on a DE shuffle in the mageweave range, iirc. Leggings, maybe? Or maybe the headband(might have had higher mats, it has been a while).

    It wasn’t a ton, mind you. Of course, it wasn’t a ton because I was an idiot and didn’t take advantage of it like I should have. I basically turned around enough to level my tailoring for free without farming, and pay off the class trainer.

    If done in volume, it might be worth looking into.

    1. Probably the White Bandit Mask, Shuffling that for Vision dust was actually the first goldmaking method I ever learned.

  3. Thanks for another great guide!

    I read that there have been quite a few problems earlier in determining the disenchant value in TSM. But is it your experience now that it’s reliable?

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