Classic goldmaking: Engineering, scopes and repair bots

I’ve made quite a bit of gold with Sapper charges lately, and I’ve already written about the conumables from engineering. This is not the only interesting part of engineering however, and there are several “odds and ends” type items that I’ve made gold with. 

Weapon enhancements

Engineering is the only profession that can create “enchants” for ranged weapons. Obviously enchanting your weapon is a huge deal. At the end game it can be a lot of damage for hunters, and it’s also extremely good while leveling. There are two main scopes that are relevant, Biznicks 247×128 Accurascope which gives +3% chance to hit and the Sniper Scope that adds 7 weapon damage. 


The Accurascope is a Molten core Recipe. It can only drop from bosses and it’s bind on pickup, so you need to get your engineer into an MC group that will give you access to recipes to get it, which could be hard. The recipe requires a bunch of really expensive materials and will be in the 300 gold range making, so players will probably look to get this crafted rather than buy it straight up. 

Sniper scope

The sniper scope adds +7 damage to a weapon. This can be applied to any ranged weapon above item level 40, making it very useful both for leveling and at 60. The materials are fairly cheap, you can typically craft it for about 1 gold, and it sells quickly as it’s MUCH cheaper than the accurascope. 

The repair bot

Field Repair bots are consumables that spawn a vendor that you can sell stuff to as well as repair your gear. The vendor remains active for 10 minutes. This is of course very useful for progression raiding where you may die enough times that you need to get a repair to keep your gear operational. 

The recipe

To get the repair bot recipe you need to get into Blackrock Depths. You learn the recipe from a parchment in the room with Golem Lord Argelmach. The recipe has typically shown very nice profit margins for me, but the materials required are quite expensive. 

Of course a  lot of guild will be able to craft these, but there’s always the case where they didnt have time to prepare and just need to grab one quickly before they head into BWL. 

TSM settings

The TSM setup will post one of each for all of these items. None of them sell quickly enough that posting multiples is worth it. We will use the same basic 120% crafting minimum price as I use for all crafted items to post them.  

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