Classic goldmaking: Flipping Punctured voodoo dolls

The Punctured voodoo dolls are needed for the head and leg enchants from Primal Hakkari Idol. There’s one for each class and they can be flipped for profit!

The basic approach

The basic approach is very similar to libram flipping. Players need the voodoo dolls when they get their Idols, and they are mostly obtained by boosters and to some extent groups doing ZG. The market will vary quite a bit between realms and this may not work everywhere. It’s also a fairly risky market as supply can be dominated by hardcore farmers. 

Scanning for deals

We will be using the same TSM settings as the Libram Flipping group. We are looking for fairly deep value here, as the sales volume isn’t that high, and it will be very variable. long term players will eventually stop needing these, so you want to get in now. 

Rogues and mages are most expensive

If you want to maximize the value per inventory slot, you will want to focus on the rogue and mage ones. These typically have the highest prices as these two classes are quite popular and the enchant is really good for them. If you find cheap dolls then go ahead and buy them. 

They are unique, so don’t overstock

One thing to note is of course that the items are unique. This means you should not be buying too many. If there are too many dolls below your maximum shopping price it indicates the value is going downwards and you will want to hold off on buying. In stead you will want to look for dolls where there are only one or two below the maximum price. 

Posting them

There’s no real secret to posting them, just run auctioning scans for the included setup and hopefully start harvesting sales! The operation does include avgbuy, so if the price goes down you will eventually get priced out of the market, keep buying as it goes down to reset avgbuy, or consider posting them manually to get rid of them if needed. 

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