Classic goldmaking: Flipping world drop consumables

Consumable flipping has a long history in Goldmaking. Expensive consumables like flasks in Retail have been a great item to flip. Classic not only has the typical crafted consumables, but it also has a couple of consumables that can drop from mobs. 

Flipping consumables basics

Consumables are primarily used for raiding in classic. This means that demand is very variable throughout the week with the majority of consumables being bought when players raid. Sundays and the reset day are among the more popular raiding days on most realms. This means the price will likely be higher as raids approach, and lower earlier in the week. The picture shows the price for Dark Runes on my realm. As you can see it regularly spikes up, so if you can reliably buy when it’s cheap you will be able to get gold. 

Consumables and world buffs

There are two main consumables that can drop from mobs in Classic. Winterfall Firewater drops from Winterfall Furbolds in Winterspring, and is very nice for physical damage dealers with a +35 AP buff. In addition Dark Runes can drop from mobs in Scholomance and gives mana regen without triggering the Global Cooldown, which makes it very useful for healers and mana based DPS classes looking to maximize their raid performance. In addition to the consumables that can drop from mobs there are some items that drop from mobs that can be turned in for consumables. We are of course talking about the items needed for the Juju buffs from Witch Doctor Mauari. Mauari has a ton of different items you can turn in for different buffs. 

The juju turn-ins

There are 7 differen juju turn-ins with different effects. The two most powerful ones are might and Power that give strength and attack power, making them very useful for melee DPS. All of the jujus are obtained by trading in E’ko items dropped from various mobs in Winterspring when you have the Cache of Mauari on you. To get Might you need to kill the elite Frostmaul giants, whereas the Power item drops from Winterfall Furbolgs. So if you want to farm them you can double up with the firewater. The other buffs are generally less useful, but the frost resistance buff may be useful for Sapphiron. I’ve included them all in the group, but start with the Frostmaul and Winterfall E’ko before moving on to the others. 

Flipping settings

As always when we want to flip iterms we will be looking for a minimum profit of 20%. We will try to buy them when they are less than 80% dbmarket and sell for at least 100 % of the market value. We’ll be posting across a wide variety of stack sizes to get the highest chance we can of getting a sale. For the E’ko we will only be silling in multiples of 3 as each turn in requires three E’ko of the same type. For the others we will focus primarily on larger stack sizes. I will have to experiment with some more stacks to find the optimal ones, but overall I expect larger to be better. 

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