Classic goldmaking: Flipping Zandalar Tribe Rep items

With phase 4 we got items related to the Zandalar Tribe reputation. The bijous and coins that drop in Zul Gurub will remain relevant for a long time and is a group of item with a lot of potential for flipping

Coins and Bijou basics

The coins and bijous are uncommon and rare items that can drop from any mob in Zul’Gurub. Mages are solo-farming thrash and generating a decent amount of these, as well as every raid group that sets food in the instance. Both items are used to gain reputation with Zandalar Tribe. The bijous give you 75 rep by breaking them at the Altar of zanza, which also yields one zandalari Honor Token that can be broken for another 50 rep. 

The coins are turned in to Vinxchasa. Each turn in requires a total of three coins, of three different types. The turn in gives you 25 reputation as well as an Honor token

Honor tokens remain relevant

The reason this can even be considered is due to the fact that the Zandalari Honor Tokens will be needed for a long time. Once you hit exalted with the Zandalar Tribe you can purchase a powerful shoulder enchant for 15 Honor tokens. This enchant will remain powerful for a long time and the only way to get the honor tokens needed is to break the bijous or turn in the coins. 

Don’t go in right away

Currently the coins and bijous are also needed to even get the reputation with Zandalar Tribe. So prices are high and will likely remain high for a while. As such you should probably not enter this market quite yet unless you really like putting gold at risk. Prices will often stabilize reasonably well in a week though, so it should not be long until we can start working in this market. 

Getting the sales

Right now players mostly post these things in small stacks of 1. This is incredibly annoying for anyone looking to get reputation, particularly for the coins. Overall it seems like coins are the cheaoest way to get reputation, as they are more annoying to turn in. 

In both cases an important value point will be to post in larger stack sizes. I think stacks of 5, 10 and 15 will make sense as the starting point, as well as some stacks of 1 to get the “I just need 1 more”-sales. 

As usual when we are flipping the maximum shopping price will be 80% dbmarket and we will be posting at 100% dbmarket. 

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