Classic Goldmaking: Guide to tailoring bags

I have just started entering the tailoring market with some bags, and it has worked out decently well so far, so let’s take a look at this gold making staple and how you can take advantage of it. 

Recipes galore

In classic there are a TON of crafted bags available. Of course players will primarily care about the higher end ones, but there are lots of interesting recipes. I have been making some gold with Mageweave bags as I don’t have any of the higher recipes yet, but it has still worked pretty well as you can see. 

There are three major types of bags, regular bags, profession bags and soul bags. The profession bags you can craft are for enchanting and herbalism and will only hold materials for their respective profession. The trade-off is that you get more slots than a regular bag. The soul bags can hold soul shards for warlocks and are extremely useful as they need to dedicate a LOT of slots to shards. 

Recipes and where to get them

The list below shows all the bag recipes, their slots and when and where you can learn the recipe. 

Generally speaking the more slots, the higher the demand will be. You obviously want to get the largest bags you can craft and get these to the AH, as players always want more bag space. 

TSM settings

I like to post 5 of each. Depending on competition you may want to increase to 10 or even 15. It depends on how quickly they sell. The vendor price is a little high, at least for the lower level bags, which means that deposit costs will be a consideration. As such I would not post auctions when the price is below minimum. 

As usual we always aim for a 20% profit margin with 120% crafting as the minimum price. 

Good luck!

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