Classic Goldmaking: Material flipping expanded

Since last weeks post I have been diving headfirst into the classic material flipping market. I have learned a lot and generated a lot of sales, so let’s see if we can’t refine the approach from last week!

Some results

As you can see from above I have made gold with a wide variety of items. The profit margins vary quite a bit, but is generally pretty strong. In terms of raw gold the profit per item is a little low though. This has some ramifications that we will dive into later. 

The two items that brought in the largest profits were Dream Dust and Mithril bars, with 5.7 and 4.6 gold total profit respectively. I did just restock again so I am back at zero, but should get some more profits soon. 

Capital is the limiting factor

Capital is extremely limited. I can routinely easily spend all my gold on items that are at great prices. Due to this I really need to maximize the profit, and speed it up. Items that take long to sell are not worth it, and this includes some items I have bought but not sold like Black Dragonscale and Wicked Claws. 

Deposit costs will stack up

I got lucky on the Mithril Bars. They all sold on the first repost. If they had not done so, the entire profit would have been eaten up by deposit costs. The higher the deposit cost, the lower your purchase price should be, as you want to post at 90% dbmarket or less to sell quickly. Low vendor price items are great though, as the deposit costs are lower. Herbs are good for this, but the best is of course enchanting materials with zero deposit costs. They also sell fairly quickly. 

Experimentation is key

I gradually add items to my groups as I check them out and buy them. As you can see I have attempted tons of items, but unless you can both buy and sell a fairly large quantity the value is limited. Strange dust has brought in substantially more gold than everything above it bar the two best materials, just due to the massive volume. 

Keep re-investing

You need to keep adding to your AH value every day. I am up from 30 AH value to about 90 gold right now. I also do some shuffles, which are not pictured and have probably brought in more in raw sales, but the value is definitely there in flipping. 

Updated TSM settings

Since last week I have added a bunch of groups to my setup. I also increased my maximum price as the prices will typically increase over time for a lot of these items, and I want to post at a higher price if that happens. Generally I still try to post at around 100% though as I find that to be the best place in terms of value. 

Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “Classic Goldmaking: Material flipping expanded

  1. I’m afraid I’ve invested way to much into Wicked Claws and now some muppet on my server posts 40+ full stacks everytime for under 90% market value. Any tips how I should deal with this?

    1. I have the same issue on my server. I think the problem for me (Kirtonos) is that the Lionheart Helm pattern hasn’t been found yet. Once that appears, wicked claws should sell like hotcakes.

      1. Makes me glad to hear, Guess I shouldn’t have invested so much before buying my 40 mount though xD

  2. Is there something weird going on with the percentage on the AH with your groups? If I do a shopping scan with the group I imported from this post the percentages are all waaaaay higher than they should be. For instance. The lowest post for Heavy Leather is 2s 13c each, the market value is 2s 74c, and the percent is 143%. 143% of what?

    1. That sounds like something is wrong yeah, if the TSM market value is 2s74c then 2s 13c should be about 80%, which would show up at around 100% in the shopping scan as the percentage is based on the maximum shopping price.

    2. If you manage to read this. Make sure you keep your /tsm scan up to date. Had mine do the same scanned and all went back to normal

      1. TSMapplication is good for this it scans constantly so you really never have to scan the AH.

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