Classic goldmaking: More fun Engineering niches: Ammunition and utility gear

Engineering is one of the professions on my main and it works incredibly well for goldmaking. I’ve been experimenting alot with different items that show a profit and I keep finding new markets. Today I’ll share to of them with you. 


Engineers can craft ammunition for ranged weapons. This is a necessity for hunters, as well as for warriors and rogues that want the ability to ranged pull mobs. This ensures there’s always buyers. The ammunition you can craft is actually the best ammunition in the game, making sure you can sell large amounts very quickly. 

The only max level ammunition you can craft is Thorium Shells, and this is of course only useful for gun users. The shells can be turned in using a repeatable quest in you factions major city to get the Thorium-headed arrows, which is the equivalent ammo for bows and crossbows. For Alliance the quest-giver is in the Ironforge Inn on the outer rim. In Orgrimmar you can find him in the Valley of Honor.  

Ratio and settings

The ammo all stacks to 200, so you want to only post in max stack sizes. You also craft them in stacks of 200, so that’s perfect. Overall I find that the arrows sell for more and slightly quicker than the shells. 

Generally I craft as many as I can find Dense Stone for and try to sell them at a roughly 2:1 ratio of arrows to shells. Both will sell, and they usually sell for more double the crafting cost. For both items we use the same operation that uses the crafting cost for the thorium shells as the base price. It will post for minimum 120% the crafting cost of shells. 

I’d suggest experimenting with the number of stacks you post on the AH as you get a feel for how quickly the ammunition moves on your realm. 

Utility gear

The other group of items we will look at is gear and utility gear. Primarily I have been selling a ton of Goblin Rocket Helmets. These regularly sell for about double the crafting cost, with a whooping 25 gold profit per helmet for me. 

I’ve sold 6 over the last 3 weeks, for some nice profits. They don’t sell super quickly, but they sell regularly every couple of days. 

There are a lot of other potential items to look at, that I want to test out. Some of them include Goblin Rocket Boots, Spellpower Goggles Xtreme, Goblin Jumper Cables XL and the various reflector resistance trinkets. I’ve seen players advertising in chat with the trinkets quite a bit. 

TSM settings

For all of these items we will use the standard crafting 1 stack operation. Make sure any intermediate crafts are valued correctly, and then you can just go to town. I like doing a larger crafting session, but do verify that it sells first. One of each until you get some sales, then scale up as much as you feel like. 

The setup includes a decent selection of these items, but it does not cover all of them, so there probably more items to craft that I just have not tested yet. 

A nice addition

These items will not make you rich by themselves. The screenshots show I’ve had sales totaling about 650 gold across these 3 items over the last 30 days. Nothing to get crazy about, but in addition to everything else it really stacks up. As always, more items one the AH means more potential sales!  

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