Classic goldmaking: My experience with Phase 4 Alchemy

Alchemy has been my top profession for a while in classic. With the release of Zul’Gurub we got some new cool recipes and I have all of them. 

Getting rep early

I spent a lot of gold early on to get my reputation to exalted. Partly for the recipes, and partly for the enchants. I’m not sure if it will be worth it from a goldmaking perspective, but at least I can generate some knowledge for you guys!

What are the new recipes

There are 4 new recipes that you can get from the Zandalar Tribe Reputation. There’s one recipe for each reputation level starting at friendly. 

  • Friendly: Greater Dreamless sleep – Regen over time while sleeping
  • Honored: Major trolls blood – 20 HP5
  • Revered: Mageblood – 12 MP5
  • Exalted: Living action potion – 5 seconds of stun immunity, breaks CC

The Mageblood potions is the only one that is really used for raiding, with it being very useful for healers and casters. 

The Living action potion has it’s use in PvP mostly, with some utility in raids if you don’t use a Free Action Potion in time. Sadly the Free Action potions will probably be better in most situations due to the significantly longer duartion. 

The Major Troll’s Blood potion is great for leveling giving a ton of extra regen and reduced downtime, but outside of that it does not do much. 

The Potion of Greater Dremless sleep seems outclassed by food and water and would only potentially be useful in some extremely niche situations. 

What have I tested

I have so far only crafted the Living Action and Mageblood potions. I plan to craft Major Troll’s blood potions as well when I can get around to it, but my task list is still too long. 

Living Action results

I have not had any meaningful Living Action Potion sales. I was the first one to post them on the AH on my realm, and still I only sold a single stack of 3. It seems to me the material cost is a little too high so the potions gets too expensive for most players compared to a Free Action potion. Overall I doubt this will be too relevant as Mountain Silversage will always be expensive due to Mongoose elixirs. 

Mageblood results

Mageblood potions sell incredibly well on the other hand, they are a staple for healers and posibly mages and warlocks. The only thing holding me back is how many I craft, the volume and profit margin is amazing. Getting to revered can be well worth it as I expect this potion will retain very high volume for a long time. From a gold making perspective this is the best thing to come from Zandalar Tribe rep so far. 

The rest

I expect I will get the two others onto the AH to test them soon. So far I would strongly suggest going with Mageblood potions though. 

I have updated my alchemy group to include the new potions in the sub group that includes crafting operations. Do make sure you alter the quantities to something that works for you, and then you can go to town. 

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