Classic goldmaking: New recipes in phase 4

As with previous phases ZG will add new recipes. Let’s take a look at the new recipes that are related to the Zandalar Tribe reputation. I’ll highlight the most important ones and the materials needed so you can choose to get ready to farm rep, buy up materials or farm them depending on your preference. 


Edit: I realize now that the oil recipes likely are not coming until phase 5, so this paragraph is moot for ZG, but will be relevant when AQ rolls around!

Enchanters get access to the weapon oils. These are long awaited weapon buffs for caster DPS and healers. Brilliant Wizard Oil is unlocked at honored, and you get the brilliant mana oil at friendly with Zandalar Tribe. The oils are both very strong and I expect casters will always raid with these. Both require large brilliant shards, and then firebloom in addition for the DPS one, and Purple Lotus for the Mana oil for healers. 

If you are an enchanter you will want to get this as soon as possible as it is the only recipe you can sell at the AH. 


Tailors get to craft the Bloodvine set. This is a rare set that is Bind on Equip, and also by far the best items for the slots. They have a lot of spell hit, making them absolute BiS for caster DPS. I expect demand to be very high, so you can either farm materials for these, buy some of the materials (mooncloth in particular as it cannot be force produced) or just work hard to get the rep so you can craft them right away. The materials required are Mooncloth, Bloodvine, Enchanted Leather, Powerful Mojo and Ironweb Spider Silk. Bloodvine is a herb that can only be gathered in ZG by herbalists with a scythe that drops from the boss, so the first few will be in very high demand. 

If you’re the first crafter on your realm you will probably make bank if you can advertise quickly as these items will be very sought after. The recipes unlock at friendly, honored and revered. 


Alchemists get 4 new potions from Zandalar Tribe rep. Living Action Potion is a free action potion with shorter duration, but you can use it to remove stuns and snares. This makes it more powerful in certain situations and less powerful in other situations. Overall I expect it to sell quite well. Trolls’ Blood and Mageblood are new HP5 and MP5 potions. The MP5 potion can be useful for healers, both in speed runs and longer raid fights. The hp5 one is more of a novelty, but it can be sueful in some niche cases. The last potions is greater dreamless sleep, which functions similarly to food where you stand still and regen health and mana. Overall it is less interesting. 

I expect Living action to be the only potentially big one. It is quite expensive and requires Zandalar Tribe Exalted, so whoever gets it first can potentially make some nice gold with it. 


Engineers get to craft a new headpiece. Overall the two recipes are fairly underwhelming, and I don’t really expect these to be particularly interesting from a goldmaking point of vierw. 


Leatherworkers get to craft the Primal Batksin set of gloves, bracers and chest as well as the Blood Tiger set that consists of a chestpiece and shoulders. The Blood Tiger set is clearly meant for some form of druid hybrid build and will likely be completely irrelevant. The Primal Batskin set is a Rogue or feral druid set. The items are not bad, but generally speaking they will be outclassed by raid items, as well as some pre-bis items depending on your setup. I don’t expect any of these two sets to be strong sellers and overall Leatherworkers aren’t really getting anything from ZT reputation. 


Blacksmiths get the Bloodsoul and Darksoul Sets. The Darksoul set seems focused on tanking with just stamina and hit. It could be useful if a tank is missing hit somewhere, but outside of that specific case it is not particularly useful. The Bloodsoul set is mail with agility and various other stats and seems focused on hunters. The items seem nice, particularly for PvP, with a decent amount of stamina, particularly the gauntlets. Yet again though both of these sets seem to be outclassed by raid alternatives and I don’t really expect them to sell particularly well. The crafting costs are not too high though, so they could potentially fill a gearing niche for fresh level 60 characters, but I doubt it. 

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