Classic goldmaking: Phase 4 Tailoring, the Bloodvine set

With Phase 4 tailors can now craft the highly sought after bloodvine set. It is by far the Best in Slot items for the three slots it covers for mages, warlocks and shadowpriests, making it extremely popular. 

Doesn’t a lot of people have it by now?

A lot of players will already have it. The players who have it are probably on the hardcore side of things though and will have most likely gotten help and cooperation from their guild to get it. As we move on the market will focus more on alts and fresher 60s which will mean lower overall prices. This means you can sell the items on the AH, as well as in trade chat. 

There are still plenty of raiders missing the set in casual guilds as well who will be getting it. Most of us are easily famring content as is, so spending tons of gold to parse better is going to be for the few in the beginning. 

Getting the recipes

You get the recipes from Zandalar Tribe reputation. The last recipe is unlocked at Revered, so getting rep is not too hard. By now many players will be closing in on Revered just from clearing ZG if they did it every reset. 

Buying the needed recipe won’t be too expensive now, but you can also just wait one or two resets for the market to stabilize even more. 

Materials and bottlenecks

The main bottleneck material for the Bloodvine set is of course Bloodvine. These can only be obtained from herbing in Zul’Gurub if you have the Blood Scythe. Rogues can actually solo farm most of the herbalism nodes inside the instance. Most other classes can also duo farm the nodes. You can of course also buy these on the AH as there are a ton of players doing ZG farming at the moment. 

The other bottle neck is the mooncloth. It is only generated on a 4 day cooldown by tailors. This is usually a very profitable cooldown, and getting some more level 35 tailors will certainly help you make gold, but the bloodvine set should be profitable even when buying your own mooncloth. 

TSM settings

As with all crafted gear we will just be posting one of each for 120% crafting. Make sure you change the material cost for Mooncloth to dbmarket under /tsm crafting.

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