Classic goldmaking: Phase 5 goldmaking, Logistics quests

With phase 5 the questing hub in Silithus comes alive. Included in the new quests are various logistics tasks needed for the new battlegear. These all require you to turn in crafted items, making the items needed for these quests a great candidate for goldmaking in Phase 5. 

Which items are needed?

The full list of quests is available on Wowhead. The list is a little different depending on if you are horde on alliance, so check your faction to be certain. 

As you can see the list is fairly long, and quite different between professions. Players will not be able to choose which logistics briefing they get, but if some of them are too expensive I suspect they will be abandoned in favor of cheaper options. 

Blacksmithing looks best

Blacksmithing has 3 whole logissticis task to itself. No other profession comes close and the trifecta of grinding stones, boots and weapons should be quite good. Engineering and alchemy have to share a turn-in and for tailoring it includes mooncloth, which may make it prohibitively hard. 

If you want to take full advantage you should level blacksmithing on an alt to get going. The two weapon recipes are both sold by vendors in Stranglethorn vale, and they are limited supply. If you want to take advantage of this now is the time to start looking for the recipe, either there or on the AH. To craft the boots you need to become an armorsmith, so the alt will need to be at least level 40. 

Stocking up on materials?

Stocking ahead of time is always risky. I generally don’t suggest doing too much of it, but if you want to you should focus on the ones most likely to be targeted. Look for the one that would be cheapest to turn in on your realm today. This one will be prioritized when possible by players just looking to quickly get their logistics badges. 

Get the recipes

If you have any of the professions used to craft these items then I strongly suggest getting the recipes on the list. These items will be more popular, how much is of course uncertain, but I expect we will see them sell well. A lot of melee in particular will be going for the Earthstrike trinket and they will all need at least 15 badges, and they may choose to do more for rep if the price is right. 

Selling the items

I do not suggest using the AH too much for this. The best way by far to sell these will be to mail all of the different items to an alt and park him in Cenarion Hold. Then you can bark in the zone chat that you are selling any items needed to turn in logistics badges. Cenarion Hold is far from the nearest AH, and I expect this will help you get significantly more sales and higher prices. It does require more activity though, so it is up to you. 

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