Classic goldmaking: Sapper Charges, one of the best goldmaking recipes in Classic

Players don’t really view Engineering as a goldmaking profession, but it is absolutely fantastic. The Goblin Sapper Charge is amazing, and with the requirement for Viscidus we should see them sell even faster in Phase 5. 

My results

I’ve been selling sappers for a long while. Recently I finished leveling a priest to level 30 on my second account for crafting sappers, and I’ve increased my crafting volume. They pretty much sell as fast as I can post them, with the only real issue being getting enough Solid Stone. 

As you can see I have made 4599 gold in sales, with 904 just from the last 7 days after really ramping up my production!

Getting the recipe

To get the recipe you simply need to level engineering to 205 and finish the quest for Goblin Engineering. You can then train the recipe from your trainer. The Goblin Engineering quest requires you to be level 30 and that’s it. 

Crafting tips

Crafting all the intermediate materials takes a LOT of time. If you have it on your main account you want to stock up for a huge crafting session so you can go afk after clicking create all and do something useful. You need to turn solid stones into Solid Blasting Powder, and then you have to turn a blasting powder, a mageweave cloth and a mithril bar into an Unstable Trigger. Finally you combine the trigger, three more blasting powder and another mageweave cloth for the final sapper. 

I usually just send materials to my crafter. Then I turn every stone in Blasting powder and I craft triggers and sappers as I get the blasting powder to do so. 

Shopping for materials

Solid stone is abundant, but not always available. I try to scan as often as possible, usually several times a day as the AH refills quickly. You need a huge amount, with 8 stones per sapper charge, so it’s almost impossible to get too much. As you can see I have bought over 18000 Solid Stone, which is quite a lot. The charges sell so fast it’s almost impossible to get too many materials. For the mageweave and mithril the AH never runs dry, so just buy them as you need them. 

Selling the sappers

Post them in large stacks, most of my sales are full stacks and players often buy more than one stack. I still use the TSM setup I posted back in January to post them and I suggest you do the same, it works really well. The major pain point is the long craft time and the difficulty of getting enough solid stones to keep up with demand. 

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