Classic Goldmaking: Taking advantage of the leveling rush

The first week of classic has passed (roughly) and everyone is still frantically leveling. There are tons of opportunities for goldmaking (or maybe just silvermaking). 

Players are leveling, so help them

Right now everyone is working on their new character. The more active players may have hit 60, but the majority will still be toiling along way below that. Leveling takes a lot of time and players are willing to pay to help speed the process up. So let’s look at some example items and tricks we can look at. 

Gear upgrades

Gear upgrades are always great. Killing mobs faster means you level faster. The biggest upgrade will always be weapons. For caster wands are particularily powerful, and you have probably seen people advertising their Lesser Magic Wands in trade chat. Sadly there will probably be a bit of an oversupply for low level crafted gear as players are leveling their professions and thus generating a large number of items that they just need to get rid off. 


Bags are always needed by players. Bigger bags means fewer trips to town and more time spent leveling as well as more gold. As with gear upgrades some of the bags may be overcrafted. You can of course try reselling vendor bags to players who do not realize you can buy them from a vendor, but this is unlikely to too successful. On my realms linen bags do sell for about twice the vendor cost and for more than the materials, which makes it profitable, but your realm may differ.


Consumables are less relevant for levelers. Sure the most hardcore players use them, but others will probably not as the cost isn’t worth the effect for them. If you can find effective niches go ahead and use them, but this will vary a lot on a per realm basis. 

Vendoring items

This is one of the main ways to get gold right now. Vendor scans can be extremely helpful as lots of items are posted on the AH and prices are very low as there’s not much gold going around. 

A simple sniper operation to look for items posted below their vendor price would have a max price of vendorsell – 1c. 

Mount gold

at 40 and 60 most players will want to generate gold to get their mounts. You can probably take advantage of this as the main way of making gold will be farming. You can probably buy the materials that are dropped by level 40 mobs very cheaply right now as loads of people farm them at the same time for mounts, and there’s very little gold going around. We should see some nice inflation, so this could be a good market to invest in. 

The same logic may hold true at level 60, but when loads of people hit 60 the overall demand for materials will be much higher. 

I hope you are enjoying your time in Azeroth. I know I am!

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2 thoughts on “Classic Goldmaking: Taking advantage of the leveling rush

  1. By the way on my server I see so many people selling in stacks of 1. I have seen several complaining in trade chat about it. That could be an opportunity to sell in neat stack-sizes.

    A lot of stuff is below vendor price. I vendor most of my loot and earn a modest income by purchasing on AH and vendoring it.

    1. Sell in nice big stacks for sure! Vendor scabs can be very nice. There are also opportunities for vendor shuffles with materials selling for less than the vendor cost of a crafted item, so you can get paid for leveling your tradeskill

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