Classic Goldmaking: Thistle Tea

Today will be the first small foray we have into crafting. I have not leveled high enough to really dive into any crafting as I am still below level 40, so I have focused almost all of my capital on material flipping. Thistle Tea has been the one exception. 

What is Thistle Tea?

Thistle Tea is a cooking recipe that you can only learn if you’re a rogue. It’s a consumable on a 5 minute cooldown that restores 100 energy on use, making it EXTREMLY useful, especially for world PvP. You get the recipe from a class quest you get from your trainer at level 16. 

The quest line is quite easy on both sides, but do make sure that you keep the recipe around. If you don’t have a rogue you just need level 16 to get the recipe, so you can consider leveling one, although that may not be worth your time.

One other factor makes this market very interesting, and that is the VERY low vendor sell price for the tea, which means that you do not have to pay much in deposit costs. This helps make it even more profitable. 

My results

I have sold 55 so far, and I have another 50 ready to post. I’ve sold them for 45 silver on average, paying 29 silver for the necessary swiftthistle. So that’s 8 gold in profits. The profit margin has ranged from 50-100% and the price for both the materials and the tea has been very variable. By posting at the right times you can make a lot of gold if the AH runs dry. Swiftthistle is also used in swiftness potions, so despite being a lower level material it is quite in demand. 

Post in large stacks

As usual we want to prioritize large stacks. The tea will mostly be bought in bulk. I prefer just posting at the max stack size of 10, but it may be worth it to use stacks of 5 as well, so I have included both in the TSM setup. As usual we will rely on crafting for the price levels to ensure we get at least a 20% profit margin over the cost of materials. 

Happy hunting!

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3 thoughts on “Classic Goldmaking: Thistle Tea

  1. After getting a rogue to level 16, I am reading that the quest to get the recipe is only obtainable at level 20? Is this the only way to obtain the recipe or is there another way?

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