Double legendaries: Get prepared

With the first periods of craziness behind us it’s time to look ahead to the next, and final relevant big change for 9.2, double legendaries. 

A quick recap

The first couple of weeks of 9.2 has seen the rise and fall of a couple of markets. First with the crafter’s marks, and again right now with legendaries. There is one more predictable event that will have a significant on goldmaking in this patch, and it’s coming in two weeks, with the addition of the Unity legendary power. 

Crafter’s marks

As soon as the first hyper grinders got the recipe online, they could dominate the market. Kaychak for instance made 30 million in the first day or two from this market. Then everyone else came crashing in just after the weekly reset and the prices went down. Sales are still good, but the profit per item is now 5k rather than 70 000 gold. 

Essentia Boom

Essentia started very low during the first week, as none of us had any of the recipes that uses the Essentia. Then as players started to stock up for both CM gear and legendaries the price increased, before stabilizing once the crafter’s marks were out. R7 legendaries did not really increase the price again, outside of a very short lived supply squeeze when players could first craft them.


The next market up is double legendaries. Soon we will have access to a second legendary, in the form of the unity power. This one can be crafted in any slot, but that makes it more likely that it will only be crafted in the optimal slot, and we will see some very concentrated demand. 

Belts and helmets

The two optimal slots in a vacuum to craft unity is either the helmet or the belt slot. Both give the most stats as well as a guaranteed socket for your trouble. Now one thing to not is that the optimal slot for many legendaries actually changes based on what gear you have access to, to optimize your total stats you will want to change things around depending on what tier pieces at which ilvls you have access to. The belt however is always the best non-tier slot, but you can make the case for chests and legs instead of the helmet in some cases. 

Get your belts ready

I expect the belt slot in particular to take off. If you haven’t leveled your recipes now is a good time as the demand for these outside of the Unity power is relatively low. Getting ready for the expected surge in demand is something I strongly suggest. 

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