Exiting the Legion BoE markets

I have mentioned several times that at some point we will have to leave the BoE market. I think the time is quickly approaching so today I will show you exactly how we would go about doing this in TSM.

Some background

I wrote up my thoughts about exiting markets back in January. At this point I think we have just about reached the point where you should seriously start exiting the 101 market. You can likely make some gold in the 110 market for a while longer, but I would not be spending too much gold on new stock.

I have written extensively on the Legion BoE flipping markets as well. If you are completely unfamiliar with the area I do not really suggest reading up except to see how it worked. At this point the markets are getting close to their death and I have started the process of dumping my stock.

101 BoEs

101 BoEs were a really interesting market in Legion. The prevalence and power of twinks was really cool, and this market made a lot of people very rich. At this point I think the number of players interested in trying out 101 twinks will be very low. I am still getting sales, but I don’t see this holding up for much longer.

If we use the terminology from my January post I think we are now at the point were a medium exit makes sense. This means that I will not buy any more 101 BoEs at any price. I have also started lowering my prices to get rid off my remaining stock slightly faster. I will take a loss on my remaining items, but I have made so much gold up to this point that I am perfectly OK with that.

Medium exit in TSM

How do we go about implementing this in TSM?

There are three settings I have changed to help bring the price down. I have increased my undercut amount significantly. This will drive the price down and should speed up sales. If I’m lucky I might even unload some of my items to other goblins. I have also decreased my normal and minimum prices.

I did not do anything too drastic in my first change down, but I will be decreasing my pricing quickly if my stock does not sell.

You can find my current 101 BoE group with the new auctioning operation in my pastebin if you want to import it. I will be changing this frequently,

110 BoEs

I don’t think it is as urgent to unload 110 BoEs. This market is going to be useful for players all the way up to BfA launch. At this point we are just about at the time were a soft exit should start. I will most likely stop purchasing BoEs for the moment as we head towards the final months of Legion. I don’t see anything indicating I should be changing my pricing settings yet.

I will most likely start slashing prices in about a month to get rid of the rest of my inventory. I want to have liquid gold available for purchasing Legion Materials in the final months as prices reach their all time low.

Closing remarks

Hopefully this should help you avoid getting stuck with a large stockpile of legion BoEs. If you missed out on this market there’s no need to fret. As we head into Battle for Azeroth there will be plenty of gold to be made from flipping Battle for Azeroth BoEs!

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