First look at 9.2!

9.2 PTR is coming, and datamining means we can start looking at what it has for us! So let’s see how goldmaking is shaping up!

New materials

This time around the new zone is also bringing a set of new materials. This is usually great for farmers, as the demand will be incredible off the bat. There’s one new material of each type, leather, cloth, ore, herb, fish and meat. These figure heavily in the new recipes, and demand will be high off the bat. Expect high prices!


9.2 will add a new vestige that upgrades the rank of a crafted legendary by 3 ranks. This implies we will only add one new rank in 9.2, which honestly makes sense considering how completely useless rank 5s were in 9.1. The new vestige primarily uses materials from the new zones, alongside the new Korthite Crystal: Progenitor Essentia. We don’t know the source of this item yet, but as with korthite I expect demand to be high. There’s also a question of how we get the recipe and what if any time gates crafting a finished rank 7 legendary is behind.

Shift in demand

In addition to the new rank, we can expect some real shifts in demand. Shards of domination will no longer limit the slots players use legendaries in, as such optimal slots will change. It all depends on how tier sets shake out. Players will get a free belt for the new covenant swapping runecarving power, this power can also be crafted on an item though, and depending on what slots you can choose, the belt may not be BiS. Either way new slots will make it’s entrance, alongside an expected incredible demand, as players can equip two legendaries!

Crafter’s marks

As with 9.1 we get new crafter’s marks, CM4 as well as Crafter’s mark of the First Ones. The latter is the more interesting with item level 262, which means it will probably be an upgrade even for mythic raiders during the first portion of the patch. Getting this recipe early will be absolutely massive!

New optional reagents

Finally it seems like Blizzard is adding the various cool effect optional reagents they teased before SL launch. This is stuff like increased flask duration, increased movement speed, main stat procs etc. It’s uncertain how this interacts with other optional reagents and in what content the effects are active. This could go from completely useless, to an interesting economic niche, depending on implementation.

No new consumables

Surprisingly it does not look like we are getting a new set of consumables, although a new healing potion has been datamined. The flasks might be coming in a later build, or they could deviate from the script from BfA. Well just have to see!

Verdict: Go legendaries

With how this looks right now legendaries will be all the rage. Rank 7 on two slots will be an incredible seller. If you haven’t leveled your recipes yet, I would hold off though. Wait until we get a better idea of what slots are BiS and focus on those first. We will also likely see cheaper materials for a while, as the patch is still quite far off.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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