Flipping old world consumables actually works

I have been focusing exclusively on material and consumable flipping on Ravencrest for a while and it works quite well. Surprisingly old world consumables still sell, so let’s take a look.

Does this actually work!?!

This is one of those markets I almost did not believe. I actually still don’t know why players buy all of these items, but they do, so I’ve just learned to live with it. Below you can see my resale summary for flasks on Ravencrest. Ignore the BfA flasks as I tried to flip those when they were current content. Everything else is old expansion stuff flipped during BfA/SL. I have not been buying these too often, but the sales are quite nice. Profit margins are good and you can actually make a decent chunk.

So let’s look at some candidates

BfA Flasks

For cheapskates they may still consider using BfA flasks for leveling. Last expansion flasks usually do quite well for a while at the beginning of a new one, so these could be an option right now. I don’t engage much in this specific market though, so I don’t have any fantastic insights.

Draenic flasks

These are the brunt of my sales, primarily because I did not make a group for this, I just searched with the basic search in TSM to find items. Since they all have draenic in the name you get a lot of them on one page. I tried to look through the wowhead page to see if I could figure out why players may want these and I still don’t know. i just know that they so, so take advantage!

Cata flasks

This group of consumables deserve their own section. These flasks are used in the Vial of the Sands recipe, which means I know what they are used for. Most likely the players crafting vials will craft their own flasks, but these may be possible to flip. I’d keep an eye out for these, particularly the Flask of the Winds and Flask of Titanic Strength.

Go ham finding your own

There are so many potential consumables to flip. The linked TSM group contains flasks from Cata, Legion and WoD as well as the WoD potions and the necessary operations. I’d suggest experimenting with various consumables from other expansions to see what you can make gold with. I know BilisOnyxia has a setup with a very wide variety of these items that works well.

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