Get your Crafter’s mark recipes!

9.1.5 has changed a number of things in WoW, and one of those is a significant increase in the speed at which you can farm archivist codex reputation! If you don’t already have the Crafter’s mark of the chained isle, it’s time to get grinding.

Alts galore

With 9.1.5 adding covenant swapping a lot of players are probably dusting off their alts. I expect we will see catch up gear sell really well for a while as players return to see if the game is more fun with swappable covenants.

What’s new

With the patch you can now get reputation from rares multiple times, and with quests you get as you rank up your reputation you get steadily increasing gains to your reputation. For maximum efficiency you will want to prioritize getting the  one time relics ASAP to quickly boost you up to the higher tiers. The first efficiency increase you get is at tier 3, and this will speed you up.

If you have a character with tier 6 you can purchase the relic examination techniques item for 2500 research and send it to an alt to increase their relic rates permanently.

You can also buy certain items on alts if you have maxed out rep on your main, including the ancient shrines activator so you can get the tier 5 one time relics straight off the bat!

Profession setup

The Alchemy crafter’s mark is generally the cheapest one by a significant margin. This means the optimal setup is to utilize multiple characters, each with alchemy and one other profession. With the increased rep rates it is now less annoying to get this done. Alternatively you can have one character with alchemy that then swaps out the other profession cycling through all the others and crafting as needed. You will have to do very large crafting sessions to make the re-leveling cost worth it though.

Item level 230 gear is great for catch up

These items have generally been very good, as catch up gear always fills a useful niche. I find that jewelcrafting has the best sale rate, as it covers every class, and the items have a guaranteed socket and perfect secondaries in a slot where this matters a lot! I sold more than 5 million gold worth of these before players found the alchemy trick and raced the price to the bottom, but if you can get in directly with alchemy right now there’s still a lot of gold to be made!

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