Getting ready for Shadowlands – World of Goldcraft 110

Shadowlands is on the horizon. In this episode I go through my current plans for launch, what characters I will be leveling, which order and what professions I think will be good early on. 

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2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Shadowlands – World of Goldcraft 110

  1. I’m planning to level to 60 on only one realm (the other 3 I have some gold I’ll focus on BOE flip (learned from you) and regular flip. On this level I’m planning to level to 60 I’ll just play 2 character (maybe a third one) and I simply can’t decided on their professions.

    After read your posts about professions I was thinking to go:

    – Main Character (a Troll Mage): Inscription/Enchanting (but I believe Enchanting is a much safer bet if you have a Tailoring shuffle, I have one at 50 but I really don’t wanna play with him, maybe just enough to get the recipes needed for shuffle?)

    – First Alt (Orc Hunter): Alchemy/?? (I was thinking to get Tailoring with this guy, but like you said in your post, Tailoring doesn’t seem that promising, but it seems that I’ll only need a character with SL Tailoring learned to be able to shuffle)

    Now… if a level 50 character with just SL Tailoring learned is enough, I could go with:

    – Main Character (Inscription/Alchemy), so all herbs would go to him
    – First Alt (Enchanting/ (LW/BS/JC), no idea for the second one, really.
    – Level 50 guy with SL Tailor to supply Enchanting guy (he was my tailor on BfA)

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