Goblin Mindset: A breath of fresh air

Over the weekend I was away, from my computer, from home from WoW. This has been a nice experience and something I would recommend!

WoW is a long grind

An MMO like WoW is undoubtedly an incredibly long term endeavour. Anything worth doing in this game will require effort over a longer period of time, whether it is raiding, pvp, m+ or goldmaking. Any sustained effort can and will make you bored.

Content lulls will happen and the game will inevitably slow down, just like it is right now. When the game slows down, everything slows down.

Take some time off

The best way to deal with fatigue is to realize that this is something you should take seriously. Just take a break, and preferably do something completely different. I like playing games that offer a completely different experience to goldmaking when I’m not focusing on WoW.

Step away to get the outside view

I have been outside, with no access to my computer for several days in a row. My mindset has completely detached from WoW and goldmaking. This is potentially an advantage. When i go back into goldmaking now my routines will not be as set in stone as they were. This means I can possibly more easily notice time wasters and inefficiencies that I can then change. If you just put your nose to the grindstone you never get the 360 view, as you are only focusing on the next cancel scan, and not what your next market should be, or even if your routine makes sense.

Go outside

This is even a tip on the game launcher. Fresh air is inconceivably healthy for you, as is getting some nature impressions. So go out and do so, it is a break unlike any other.

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