Goblin Mindset: Gold making in WoW Classic

The launch of classic WoW is approaching and as someone who has played the game since classic I am looking forward to trying it out. I will definitely focus on gold making there as well, so let’s take a look at how gold making might work in classic.

What tools will we have?

This is actually a very important question. In live WoW we are all of course used to TradeSkillMaster and Auctionator at least. Back in vanilla auctioneer was the only real auction house mod. It will be very interesting to see what sort of API functionality gets implemented in the game as well as which addon developers will make mods. 

That being said vanilla is in many ways easier to play in as there are a lot less items than in the live version. You could most likely play around in most markets fairly easily even with just the base UI. 

How much gold can you really make?

This was the subject of some hot contention on reddit. Obviously there will be very little gold going around in the beginning. We all start at zero so it will take a long while to generate the first thousand or even first ten thousand gold on the realm. The surplus after stuff like repairs will also be significantly smaller than in BfA WoW. 

That being said players will still make a surplus of gold and will be willing to spend that on stuff that helps them out. Whether or not that makes the market worth it early is something only time will tell. I expect that crafting, shuffles and material farming will all be very valid gold making methods. 

What methods will work well?

As in the live game farming, crafting and flipping will all work well. Due to the very low amount of gold in the beginning raw gold farms will probably be the best farming for a while. 

When it comes to crafting I think it will eventually be very lucrative. There are tons of hard to get recipes that will let you have huge barriers to entry to keep your margins high. Material shuffles are also likely to be very profitable as getting materials to level your tradeskill will actually be hard again. 

There are also some methods related to end-game performance such as trying to monopolize Devilsaur leather for the BiS leather set. 

My plan

My main plan will be to focus on raw gold in the beginning. Then I will spend my gold on leveling tailoring and enchanting so I can shuffle enchanting materials which is likely to be very profitable. I already have some shuffle ideas, and I will look for more. Then I’ll work on obtaining the rare enchanting and tailoring recipes to craft those for gold. 

Overall I expect it will be very fun and I think a savvy goblin can make a ton of gold (by vanilla standards).

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